Thursday, 22 December 2011

Good boy

Even if I find myself on the receiving side of dominance, doesn't mean I have no interest in treating a man like my own personnal bitch.

I'd keep him on the floor, at my feet. Preferably in a collar and leash. I'd tug at the leash randomly to show him I haven't forgot about him.

I'd just speak to him in short, brief orders. Make him lick my toes while I look through my sex toys until I find one that pleases me. Either to insert in his ass, or to pleasure myself while he does what I tell him to do.

I'd allow him to cum sometimes. I am a good mistress after all. Doesn't mean I wouldn't make him swallow it back however.

Friday, 16 December 2011

Common misconceptions

It's a common misconceptions among people that I have live and relive all my fantasies a hundred times already.

That there is nothing left for me to experiment, to aim for, to fantasized about.

As most statements made on my subject, this couldn't be more false.

I long to eat a girl out while I'm being pounded in the ass from behind. I rub one out thinking about being Double Penetrated. My nipples get hard at the idea of sucking cocks until I'm covered in cum. I wanna be fingered and fucked until I faint and squirt all around and beg for mercy. I wanna suck on a cock covered in the juices of a freshly fucked pussy. Bonus point if I can lick the pussy also.

Aaaand I better stop there, I'm working myself up to masturbating and I'm late to work.

Sunday, 11 December 2011


I am in my 30s now. Should I seduce a younger man?

Not to introduce him to kinky sex. Just, you know, have a boy toy to myself. Giving him handjob in the backrow of the movie theater or teaching him about the joys of sex.

On the other hand, seeing older men lately was an eye opener. They know what they are doing down there.

With their tongues.

What are you waiting for?

Colleague at work been with boyfriend since they were in their late teens. He was her first. She kinda want to play the field now, but feel there is no way she can bring up this sort of conversation in her couple.

My dear friend, what are you waiting for? You're not married, and even if you were, excuse me but why should another person have a say and who you can and cannot fuck?

Life is short, you're capable.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Discover your Partner’s Hidden Sexual Fantasies

I found this link I thought you`d like to check out.

Mojo Upgrade is an interactive sex questionnaire for couples to help them discover the fantasies that they might both enjoy together.

Or as my dearest friend said: "You could also just talk to them".

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Oldie, goodie

An older post from an older blog of mine...

I like how he took off my black g-string I bought earlier that day. I put it on like barely an hour before he came over. I was with someone else yesterday. I knew He wanted to fuck me until i forget i ever was with anyone but Him tonight.

So as I said, He took off my black g-string. He was holding it and He noticed how wet they were. « Are you already that wet for me? » He asked. I answered back by asking him what He was doing. « Your roommate is next door, we have to gag you so you don't get too loud, don't we? » before He made me lick the wetness. Like an hungry little whore, I complied. He then put them in my mouth and tied them on the back of my head. « Look at me.... beautiful » He said, when I looked at him from my place, on all fours on the bed, while he was standing up next to it.

My ass was kinda already up into the air, He simply shifted me in a position with a better access to it for Him. He immediately started to finger/fist my cunt, my already dripping cunt. Slowly, I understood He didn't care much about pleasuring me at that point, He started rubbing some of my wetness on my asshole. He quickly stuck a finger in it, making me cringe. God I hate having a finger back there.

Seeing as I wasn't ready enough, He fucked my cunt for a few seconds to lube up His cock. He bend over to eat & lick my ass, making it more ready for His cock. Then He pushed. He placed the head of His big hard cock against my ass and He pushed.

At this point I doubted the gag was for my roommate's sake; it was clear He wanted to rape my ass without me tearing His eardrums with my screams. Once He finally was buried real deep in my ass, he asked me by whispering in my ear if it was hurting. I nodded. He asked if I wanted him to withdrawl. I energically said no by rapidely turning my head left & right rapidly. He started pumping.

I never felt anything so raw, so bare, so big in my ass before. The more it was painful, and believe me it was, the more I could feel my cunt just soaking up and my juices sliding down my thighs. « You like when I fuck your ass, slut? You like when I make you my bitch? » He was grunting while His cock was indeed making a bitch out of my ass.

The pain, the sweet pleasure of pain. The intensity of the fucking. A good, hard fucking, like I needed from Him. My ass still hurts when I think of it. His nails digging my back, my hips, His cock going deeper and deeper. The way He stand stills and stopped moving when He came, the way my ass was so sore I couldn't really move after...

We chatted for a while, I was laying on my stomach to avoid feeling His cum leak out of me. He told me to be careful, He wanted me to keep it as long as possible. Later on He forbidded me to clean up: He wanted me to feel His cum in my ass all evening and all night. He made me put my gstring back on, we got dressed and we went out for coffee.

« I feel like such a slut » I confessed. « That's the right state of mind you should be in » He said.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Dear stranger on the bus.

I am about to fuck my freshly shaven pussy thinking of you.

Hope you see my missed connection.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Age ain't nothing but a number

For the longest time, I used to see 30 as this big frightening number that one gentleman shouldn't be over if he had any inspiration to insert himself into my pants.

Then, I turned 30 myself. I don't know if it's age, wisdom or my year long drought, but nowadays I have a lot of trouble of sustaining interest in gentlemen under the respectable age of 35. I even express my preference in the ones who are above 40 lately.

I skipped a whole decade of sexual partners availability overnight, or so.

Why? I truly, truly am done with immature boys. I need men now.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Self Cockblocking

Sometimes I'm such a lazy slob.

My dishes are precariously overtaking any and all counter space, I have to think for a minute before I remember the colour of the carpet under the small hills of dirty clothes all over my bedroom and I haven't shave in weeks.

I'm ending up cockblocking myself instead of allowing guys to come over and have their naughty ways with me.

They will often tell me they don't mind the mess.

I do. Is there such a thing as maid-to-the-sluts?

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Sex, Drug and Rock&Roll

I try not to write about people I am currently or recently seeing, but I'll make an exception in this case.

I'm a neophyte when it comes to weed and it's quite entertaining for me to basically have teenagedom time 2 when it comes to this.

So sex on weed was completely new to me. And I had absolutely no inhibitions, so it was fun to just let completely loose with this essential stranger.

I remember his tongue all over me, especially on my ass. The way your body tense up and resists at first, until the waves of pleasure come and you open up your special place a bit to the stimulus. Then he is actively tonguing your ass while fingering your pussy. I guess what I appreciated the most is how he would simply be delighted each time I'd squirt and would lick me up clean in appreciation. And I'd return the favor when he came. I truly adore swallowing enthusiastly.

Having anal sex again for the first time in over a year was all I hoped for. And more.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Sex Evolution

Everything I love in bed now are things I used to find repulsive.

Disney teaches us to be good girls and that our prince will come. They don't prepare you for your prince wanting to stick his large cock in your ass, grab you by the throat as he fucks you, slapping your face calling you a whore.

Granted, few guys actually act this way in bed on the first encounters. But I gradually learned to like more and more "alternative" things and I'm less shy about asking for them.

I remember thinking people tying each others up and sucking on cocks that just been in their ass as wackos.

Heck at one point in my life, cunnilingus was something that sounded absolutely disgusting. So forget about lubing up a fist to shove it deep in my cunt or calling me a cunt while doing it altogether. Now I wouldn't mind, actually would kinda like having my ass spanked while I'm gushing buckets.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Dirty little secrets

Clearly what I need is two folds. I need to be someone's dirty little secret and I need someone to tell all my dirty little secrets too.

Why can't they be one and the same?

Because I am a greedy little whore.

Saturday, 22 October 2011


Those few seconds when the cock is forcing its way in my ass, the pain... I moan from the pain and the pain is my pleasure.

I'm sure you'll make her very happy

when she learns your jerking off to the idea of another girl in the shower.

Why do people force themselves into monogamy when it's clearly not for them?

I'm not saying monogamy is not working. I'm saying for some people it doesn't and they shouldn't shove themselves into a mould not to their size.

I should know. I tried. Takes a long time to know oneself. Takes an even longer time to know a lover.

And I can tell you, very few girls enjoy knowing you cheat on them left and right in your head.

Off course I am myself hoping to one day get a nice man who would enjoy me calling him while a lover has his cock shoved deep in my ass....

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Be a man....

I learned a long time ago that to keep your man happy, in a relationship or in bed, you have to let him be the man.

Let him drive. Let him decide on the restaurant. Let him hold the remote. Fetch him a beer.

Let him cum on your face if he wants, obey what he's asking you to do, encourage his dirty talk and his hard cock shoved into your eager cunt.

You'll find when you let the man be the man, he will be so much more attentive to you after.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Good vibrations

Chemistry. Sometimes I don't cum after hours of sex. Other time I cum just from cyber sex.

I need dirty, dirty nasty talk to cum. That's how I am. The only exception to this is if the guy is dominant and rough enough that the dirty talk itself is physical. Such as... if the guy uses my pussy for the sole purpose of slicking his cock enough to fuck my ass.. I loose my fucking mind.

But sometimes even with dirty talk and rough sex, I'm just not getting there. I'll enjoy myself a lot, but never past the point of n"O" return.

Friday, 14 October 2011

If 20 sexuals addicts where in a room.....

Apparently only 3 people who be more sexually addicted then myself....
We have compared your answers with people who have been diagnosed with sex
addiction. Your answers HAVE MET a score on basis of six the criteria that indicate sex addiction is present. To help you understand, the graphic below plots your score in relation to the scores of others.

In addition there are certain subscales to further confirm that a problem exists. The following patterns emerged in your answers:

· A profile consistent with men who struggle with sexually compulsive behavior
· A profile consistent with women who struggle with sexually compulsive behavior
· A profile consistent with homosexual men who struggle with sexually compulsive behavior
· A profile consistent with sex addicts who struggle with sexually compulsive behavior on-line
The SAST measures key characteristics of addiction. The following dimensions of an addictive disorder appeared in your answers:

· Preoccupation: obsessive thinking about sexual behavior, opportunities, and fantasies
· Loss of control: inability to stop behavior despite commitments to self and others and despite problems caused by behavior
· Relationship disturbance: sexual behavior has created significant relationship problems
· Affect disturbance: significant depression, despair, or anxiety over sexual behavior

Thursday, 13 October 2011

The smell of success

Scientists have long known that smells are one of the best ways to evoke the past.

I concur.

First lube I ever got, at 17, was cherry scented

I used to have a canned air freshener that had the same smell, years later. Got me horny every. fucking. time.

I still remember this lover I had last year who had a very offensive smell. Seriously. Like sweat covered with cheap perfume. Thankfully this didn't last.

One of my ex was showering from head to toe with Dove products. I kinda get horny when using a bar of Dove now, thinking about the way his thick cock would always find a way to bury itself in my eager ass.

A former lover used to massage my entire body with Body Shop's Satsuma massage oil, especially my breasts, before making love to me for hours. I kid you not, just smelling this scent now gets me soaking wet.

On buying condoms for the first time in years.

I truly can't remember the last time I bought condoms. A full year dry spell will do that do you.

I don't like condoms to start with, but this is a necessary protection. So I bought the thinest I could find. Two different brands. And I picked up some lube too. Because it was cherry flavored.

I don't need lube for sex. Ever. I get wet and gushing at the touch of a man.

But I need it when I masturbate. Need a wet clit to enjoy it.

So here I was standing at the cash register with a PS3, two boxes of condoms and lube.

The cashier managed to keep a straight face while wishing me to have a good evening.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Fuck me.

Fuck me.

Fuck me.
Grab me by the hair, open my legs, shove yourself deep in me.

Fuck me.

Fuck me.
Grunt in my ear and call me a whore as you fill me up with your seed.

High as fuck, Fucking high

I usually hate the crazy ramblings of pothead.

But I find myself finally fucking while high as fuck and I need to write about it while the effects is slowly wearing down.

The enthusiam. The way he's licking me, keep saying I taste fucking delicious (I do), the insane high orgasm i had from behind when he was eating me out and licking my anus before fucking it.

The way my brain exploded in the nightsky as I was squirting in his mouth and how loud of pleasure he was moaning too, covering my face and tits with his seed.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Gobble gobble.

i had the type of day
that i wish id come home to someone.
and the moment i close the door behind me as i enter
i'd say "you. sex. NOW!"
and sex would occurs.

also had a sex dream within a dream about a coworker.

how was YOUR day?

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Picky Pearl Polisher Porn

Have I ever explained how my nightly ritual of looking for good porn goes?

I'm so picky when it comes to visual stimulation from a video. I go for irrealistic bodies, perfect bouncy perky breasts that couldn't possibly work with our planet's gravity, long thick erection. The type of bodies who creates complexes and self esteem problems in most people.

There also need to be the right type of fucking. I don't dig any kind of cowgirl, reverse or not, on my screen. There has to be anal. And do not fucking rub me of that initial anal penetration, the moment where you wonder if the cock will make it into the tight anus. I will get mad. Don't cheat, don't edit out that scene. I want to see the struggle, the pain, the whimper. Anal shouldn't be easy. Don't pour half a bottle of lube down that hole before the scene.

And the girl must be fucked like a whore. By 2 guys preferably. If only one, he better be on the verge of brutality.

In fact I enjoy the brazzers' Porn Star Punishment subwebsite tremendously. It's usually a perfect hit every time.

And I'm guessing this appeals to the gentlemen to have a coke up whore slowly undressing for 20 minutes before any fucking or sucking start in a video, but I don't think I could be skipping those scene fast enough.

Dirty talk. Please. And good dirty talk. Silent porn is so awkward.

Monday, 3 October 2011

How does...

How does one end up a one year dryspell? By almost ending up in a 4some.

I mean I ended up having hot steamy lesbian sex. Which was great. And after we were debriefing on the events of the previous night and we came to the conclusion that under the right circumstances (ie if the 2 gentlemen in our hotel room were not attached already) we would have totally ended up in a 4some.

So that was the end of my dry spell.

I missed Montreal so much.

Thursday, 29 September 2011


i noticed i had a picture of my naked breast on my desktop. so i wanted to move it to a folder so someone on the train doesnt look over my shoulder and see it
the train bumped as i was moving it with the trackpad
effectively mimicking a double clicking option
so by wanting to shield my naked breast from the eyes of a sneaky person
i ended up making it screenwide for the whole train to see

so this is my fail of today. hows your morning so far?

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Hotel sex is the best sex.

Visiting my hometown later this week.

As you may know, I haven't had sex in a year. I'm mostly staying with friend and family, but I booked an hotel room for Friday/Saturday night. I absolutely intend to have enough sex to make me forget I didn't had sex for a while.

Going to be legen.... wait for it....

Pheromones and random guys

As much as it's flattering, I am always a bit cautious of strangers hitting on me in public places. Or guys hitting on me at all.

And unfortunately for me, I have the pheromones of a roman love goddess lately. On my way to the dentist earlier this week, no less than 3 guys confused my terror for "come over and tell me how beautiful I am and try to get my phone number". It's even more disturbing when it's a cab drive, as I end up feeling trapped on top of everything else.

I usually don't make a negative observation without offering an alternative way to achieve your goals, but I am quite stumped on this one. I guess what I hate is they shower you with compliments then just stand there.... it looks like they're expecting me to offer my phone number.

The compliments I prefer getting from strangers are the short and sweet ones. Like a driveby feel good. "Just wanted to tell you, you are very pretty. Your eyes are so big and blue, and your smile brighten up a room. Have a nice day." and then leave.

Friday, 23 September 2011

The sweet smell of sex.

Right now, after my 5th orgasm, I'd say salty honey would describe the smell of my cunt nicely.

It's hovering in the room, a telltale sign of "yup, a girl got down and dirty in here". An arousing scent.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Benny Hill and Puppies

I was renting out this cottage for a few months, while I was figuring things out. He came over to hang out one week end and we were fucking a lot.

At least we were trying. The bedroom had no door and my 4 months old puppy was very curious as to what we were doing. Ensue a typical weird expression on the guy's face... "your dog is licking my balls"...

I get hysterical easily when I laugh. All the following scene was missing was the themesong from Benny Hill: an husky guy running around the room trying to catch a bouncy puppy to put him away.

Whatever he ended up doing, I remember the end of that scene: I was licking the tip of his cock for cum frantically for cum while he was making me squirt with his mouth.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Lunch break

He came home on his lunch break. And ate me out for an entire 45 minutes. How horny do you think I was when he came back home at night? I sucked him off dry, him standing against the entry door. Barely let him close it behind him.

Thursday, 15 September 2011


my pussy
smells like lotion
i think i masturbate
too much

Sunday, 11 September 2011

My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

Guys, in bed, always seem to be avenging themselves for something bad done to them in the past. The way they hate fuck me, when I left them do it, makes me believe that I kicked their puppy at some point.

Or it's the frustration of all those girls who turned them down, who didn't suck their cocks, who didn't want anal. The girlfriend at home who yelled at them for watching porn, for wanting to cum in her mouth.

I think we live in a society where we don't allow the men to be men anymore. They have to bend over backward to please the female and that creates resentment.

May be I'm old fashioned, but deep down I'd love to be a 50s housewife, waiting for my husband by the door, ready to take off his shoes and hat and hand him a refreshing beverage as soon as he gets home. Then give him the blowjob of a lifetime, just because he works hard and deserves it.


"God help you if you stop", he said.

"I am leaving now but when I come back, you better still be touching yourself. I don't care if you're tired, whiny bitch. I want you to keep fucking your cunt with your fingers, toys, what-have-you until I come back and not a moment less", he had started with.

And that's (part of) the story of why my pussy lips are feeling sore today. How was your saturday night?

Thursday, 8 September 2011


My 30th year on this planet brought a lot of changes in my life. I move hundred of kilometers away from home, so I found myself in a new city. Far from the comfort of routine surroundings, friends ands family.

Coincidently, I decided to give in to experiences I always denied myself. Mostly smoking weed.

What a glorious experience that was. I still remember my first orgasm while high. It felt like I was cumming for hours, completely disconnected from time and space. I absolutely will transfer this solo experience to an actual fucking while high as I am sure I will be fond of it.

I forgot how you feel about being called daddy ?

That's always a curse when you are chatting this guy up and suddenly you don't fucking remember WHO he is.

In bed.

You know him, his name, the name of his wife, even down to her favorite place for vacations, for fuck sake! Yet, you have this awkward moment trying to remember... Does he do the daddy thing or no?

Not that it's a requisite for me to call my lovers daddy. I am probably the girl on earth with the less daddy issues ever. No one was more beautiful or smart in my father's eyes then myself.

But that's not the point of this.

I need to know what my mate is all about. It's fun when I'm satisfied, but I like using dirty talk that works for the 2 of us. And how can I ask that question without sounding like the world`s bigger whore? Yeah sorry, I fucked so many guys since I last talked to you I don't remember...

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Sex Nine One One

So I pulled a muscle in my calf. From tensing up too much during my 4th or 5th orgasm of the night on Sunday. It's embarassing in itself. But more funny then anything.

Got me thinking about the various sex injuries I subjected myself to over the years. One memorable one was when I was a few months shy of 19 years old. Picture a slimer me with perkier boobs if that doesn't give you a nosebleed.

So I was fucking my then-boyfriend on his waterbed. I'll really have to describe the position as well as I can here, because it's a fairly weird thing to picture. He was standing up on it (bad idea in itself, but when you're young and horny this is far from the stupidest thing you'd do).

Or maybe it's quite simple, I was doing the bridge. As I said he was standing up, so I had my legs around his waist and my hands on the mattress, boobs facing up. Whatever prompted us to fuck that way I will never remember, but thinking back he would often fuck me in this position. Regardless, the problem came quickly, as you can imagine, with the stability of the surface and the heavyness of my breasts.

Almost broke my damn neck. Seriously injuried it enough we had to go to the hospital and I officially had a wryneck for a few days.

Yup, we both came.

Baby I'm ready to go....

Yup. So I didn't blogged for almost a year. I actually didn't get laid in a year. Why? Who cares why whores don't get fucked.

I moved. So far away from home. Not that I didn't had a hundred opportunities and a half to get some. I thought I'd do this. The reverse of a slutty challenge. No sex. One year.

Masturbation doesn't count. Neither does phone sex. I was just challenging, not punishing myself.

I'm probably be dead if I couldn't have any release.

So here is my confession. I am broken. I always was, but the years made it worse. And my year of celibacy thought me... That I am a whore. And I am broken. Always was, always will be. More zen and wise with the years. But one truth remains.

I am a whore. I will never settle down. And I will never be faithful.

Sucks to be the one who loves me and wants so much to be with me right now. I warned him. He wouldn't listen.

Should rename this blog Cuckold Heaven.

You're strange, insane, one thing you can never change

Monday, 5 September 2011

Juicy Fruit

I wish I had a rational explanation for this. It will be confusing to my readers to even attempt to follow up the crazy strings of events.

I am being romanced by a very nice boy who wants the same things I want out of life. And sexually we click. A lot. But he's absolutely not turned on by the idea of me being on my knees sucking another cock while he watches and comments on my whorish ways.

Actually... He has no idea about this blog. He knows about my past sexual life: he doesn't think me a virgin or anything. But, as the song goes... Scotty doesn't know...

And lately we had a weird thing going on. Especially tonight. We had awesome phone sex. Mindblowing orgasm I had. Then someone poked me on skype.

I wish I had a rational explanation for this. I said this already. And I truly do. But I watched that other guy jerk off while saying dirty things to me. I came 3 times with him.

I am hopeless.

Also, welcome back.

Twisted lyrics.

I just have my own version of some Nine Inch Nails lyrics in my head right now. I am not even yet in a relationship and I am already cheating on him.

Oh my beautiful liar
I am your secret whore.
Its a diseased, an infection.
I am. So impure.

I should not let you use me up that much. I like it too much. Its not good.