Saturday, 29 October 2011

Dirty little secrets

Clearly what I need is two folds. I need to be someone's dirty little secret and I need someone to tell all my dirty little secrets too.

Why can't they be one and the same?

Because I am a greedy little whore.

Saturday, 22 October 2011


Those few seconds when the cock is forcing its way in my ass, the pain... I moan from the pain and the pain is my pleasure.

I'm sure you'll make her very happy

when she learns your jerking off to the idea of another girl in the shower.

Why do people force themselves into monogamy when it's clearly not for them?

I'm not saying monogamy is not working. I'm saying for some people it doesn't and they shouldn't shove themselves into a mould not to their size.

I should know. I tried. Takes a long time to know oneself. Takes an even longer time to know a lover.

And I can tell you, very few girls enjoy knowing you cheat on them left and right in your head.

Off course I am myself hoping to one day get a nice man who would enjoy me calling him while a lover has his cock shoved deep in my ass....

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Be a man....

I learned a long time ago that to keep your man happy, in a relationship or in bed, you have to let him be the man.

Let him drive. Let him decide on the restaurant. Let him hold the remote. Fetch him a beer.

Let him cum on your face if he wants, obey what he's asking you to do, encourage his dirty talk and his hard cock shoved into your eager cunt.

You'll find when you let the man be the man, he will be so much more attentive to you after.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Good vibrations

Chemistry. Sometimes I don't cum after hours of sex. Other time I cum just from cyber sex.

I need dirty, dirty nasty talk to cum. That's how I am. The only exception to this is if the guy is dominant and rough enough that the dirty talk itself is physical. Such as... if the guy uses my pussy for the sole purpose of slicking his cock enough to fuck my ass.. I loose my fucking mind.

But sometimes even with dirty talk and rough sex, I'm just not getting there. I'll enjoy myself a lot, but never past the point of n"O" return.

Friday, 14 October 2011

If 20 sexuals addicts where in a room.....

Apparently only 3 people who be more sexually addicted then myself....
We have compared your answers with people who have been diagnosed with sex
addiction. Your answers HAVE MET a score on basis of six the criteria that indicate sex addiction is present. To help you understand, the graphic below plots your score in relation to the scores of others.

In addition there are certain subscales to further confirm that a problem exists. The following patterns emerged in your answers:

· A profile consistent with men who struggle with sexually compulsive behavior
· A profile consistent with women who struggle with sexually compulsive behavior
· A profile consistent with homosexual men who struggle with sexually compulsive behavior
· A profile consistent with sex addicts who struggle with sexually compulsive behavior on-line
The SAST measures key characteristics of addiction. The following dimensions of an addictive disorder appeared in your answers:

· Preoccupation: obsessive thinking about sexual behavior, opportunities, and fantasies
· Loss of control: inability to stop behavior despite commitments to self and others and despite problems caused by behavior
· Relationship disturbance: sexual behavior has created significant relationship problems
· Affect disturbance: significant depression, despair, or anxiety over sexual behavior

Thursday, 13 October 2011

The smell of success

Scientists have long known that smells are one of the best ways to evoke the past.

I concur.

First lube I ever got, at 17, was cherry scented

I used to have a canned air freshener that had the same smell, years later. Got me horny every. fucking. time.

I still remember this lover I had last year who had a very offensive smell. Seriously. Like sweat covered with cheap perfume. Thankfully this didn't last.

One of my ex was showering from head to toe with Dove products. I kinda get horny when using a bar of Dove now, thinking about the way his thick cock would always find a way to bury itself in my eager ass.

A former lover used to massage my entire body with Body Shop's Satsuma massage oil, especially my breasts, before making love to me for hours. I kid you not, just smelling this scent now gets me soaking wet.

On buying condoms for the first time in years.

I truly can't remember the last time I bought condoms. A full year dry spell will do that do you.

I don't like condoms to start with, but this is a necessary protection. So I bought the thinest I could find. Two different brands. And I picked up some lube too. Because it was cherry flavored.

I don't need lube for sex. Ever. I get wet and gushing at the touch of a man.

But I need it when I masturbate. Need a wet clit to enjoy it.

So here I was standing at the cash register with a PS3, two boxes of condoms and lube.

The cashier managed to keep a straight face while wishing me to have a good evening.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Fuck me.

Fuck me.

Fuck me.
Grab me by the hair, open my legs, shove yourself deep in me.

Fuck me.

Fuck me.
Grunt in my ear and call me a whore as you fill me up with your seed.

High as fuck, Fucking high

I usually hate the crazy ramblings of pothead.

But I find myself finally fucking while high as fuck and I need to write about it while the effects is slowly wearing down.

The enthusiam. The way he's licking me, keep saying I taste fucking delicious (I do), the insane high orgasm i had from behind when he was eating me out and licking my anus before fucking it.

The way my brain exploded in the nightsky as I was squirting in his mouth and how loud of pleasure he was moaning too, covering my face and tits with his seed.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Gobble gobble.

i had the type of day
that i wish id come home to someone.
and the moment i close the door behind me as i enter
i'd say "you. sex. NOW!"
and sex would occurs.

also had a sex dream within a dream about a coworker.

how was YOUR day?

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Picky Pearl Polisher Porn

Have I ever explained how my nightly ritual of looking for good porn goes?

I'm so picky when it comes to visual stimulation from a video. I go for irrealistic bodies, perfect bouncy perky breasts that couldn't possibly work with our planet's gravity, long thick erection. The type of bodies who creates complexes and self esteem problems in most people.

There also need to be the right type of fucking. I don't dig any kind of cowgirl, reverse or not, on my screen. There has to be anal. And do not fucking rub me of that initial anal penetration, the moment where you wonder if the cock will make it into the tight anus. I will get mad. Don't cheat, don't edit out that scene. I want to see the struggle, the pain, the whimper. Anal shouldn't be easy. Don't pour half a bottle of lube down that hole before the scene.

And the girl must be fucked like a whore. By 2 guys preferably. If only one, he better be on the verge of brutality.

In fact I enjoy the brazzers' Porn Star Punishment subwebsite tremendously. It's usually a perfect hit every time.

And I'm guessing this appeals to the gentlemen to have a coke up whore slowly undressing for 20 minutes before any fucking or sucking start in a video, but I don't think I could be skipping those scene fast enough.

Dirty talk. Please. And good dirty talk. Silent porn is so awkward.

Monday, 3 October 2011

How does...

How does one end up a one year dryspell? By almost ending up in a 4some.

I mean I ended up having hot steamy lesbian sex. Which was great. And after we were debriefing on the events of the previous night and we came to the conclusion that under the right circumstances (ie if the 2 gentlemen in our hotel room were not attached already) we would have totally ended up in a 4some.

So that was the end of my dry spell.

I missed Montreal so much.