Thursday, 28 August 2008

Pr0n and Lesbian sex

The Boyfriend was in bed early last night. I was up and bored, so I watched some porn. It arroused me to the point I went to wake him up to have crazy middle of the night sex. It was a video featuring a relatively well endowed male and 3 hottish females. At one point, one was laying on her back, spread eagle, and the other 2 were on top of her, on top of each other, doggy style. So the guy was fucking them all one after the other, a couple of thrust here, a good ball deep penetration there. Then he fucked their asses also.

Do you see why it got me horny? We didn't had anal last night thought. But I still love when my lover's thick cock owns my pussy and fill it with cum.

So that whole porn video really makes me wanna have a girlfriend. To play with us. And me.

And for some reason, last night I dreamed I was having lesbian sex. In my dream, I was pretty bad at eating pussy. Let's hope it's not the case!

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Use me...

There is this thing that a man can do to me to ensure I will follow him to the end of the world and become his sexual slave forever: use me.

Being thrown in a bed, clothes ripped off me and my legs being forced open for a thick hard cock to penetrate me, regardless of my wetness state, is definitely something that I would enjoy tremendously.

Being flipped over to feel a slick wet cock force himself on my tight anus until it gives in and let itself being raped will make me get a powerful orgasm in very little time.

A word, commanded, not asked, to get on my knees and suck his cock... "now", when I'm not obeying fast enought. A good hair pulling while I'm being fucked doggy style. Being told how much I'm his while he abuses any and every holes on my body, cause I truly am.

Being used as a mere plastic fuckdoll when he just wanna get off quickly. As long as there is cum involved, I am a happy whore.

Saturday, 9 August 2008

3 am

Couldn't sleep last night, around 3 am. Was laying wide awake, and wide opened legs, in his bed. He was snoring lightly. He was a bit stiffy. Played with his nipples and his cock for a while, then I whispered "fuck me" and got on all fours. He said he already fucked me that way tonight (that was around 11 pm when we went to bed). He turned me on my back and slid easily into my wet eager cunt. The same whore hole he filled with his cum a few hours earlier. After a while of cunt stuffing, I begged him to fuck my ass. I cried and I screamed a little cause I wasnt lubbed nor fully ready. But I came like a freaking train when he started fingering my clit and pussy at the same time he filled my ass with his cum. Made me gush like a fountain. This morning, he made me suck on his cock until my mouth was also full of his seed.

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Wide open

Two nights ago, right around bedtime, I got horny. I ended up watching a little porn to get me started, then jumped in my bed to masturbate.

I was rubbing, and tweaking, and wetting, but I couldn't seem to reach a decent orgasm. I wanted a full blown squirting orgasm too. Then I realized that the only way I was gonna get it was by talking to myself, whispering dirty kinky things and calling me naughty names.

That came with my current fantasy: having my ass full of a thick cock and my pussy fisted at the same time. Boy, did that hot scenario got me going. I woke up the next day still sticky from all my juices running down my thighs.

And last night The Boyfriend did exactly that. While raping my tight whore ass, he shove the most of his fist in my cunt, sending me into a wave of awesome orgasms while he moans himself while filling me with his juicy load.

Nothing was more delicious this morning than to arouse him with my mouth while he was still asleep until he wakes up enough to fuck my slutty cunt again. And licking my pussy drips from his cock was so yummy I came while he filled my mouth with his cum.