Thursday, 31 July 2008

Push my buttons...

Or tweak my nipples...

I happen to be blessed, or is it cursed?, with extremely sensitive nipples. A gifted lover can indeed arouse me to the verge of an orgasm should he pay enough attention to my juicy melons' buttons.

That comes as both a gift and a curse, I assure you. When I'm sitting at work and my nipples accidently rub against the edge of a desk or I'm holding something with too much texture against my chest, I can get aroused when this state is quite unwelcome.

On the other hand, right after an amazing orgasm, if my partner keeps playing with either my clit or my nipples, I can get the most awesome post-sex big Os. My breasts are sensitive to the point of sometimes, I simply tweak my nipples and this counts as masturbating cause I can squirt from that.

The problem with this, is I spent my days pretty much in a constant aroused state. Sometimes I'd be better of living as a sex slave to some rich and cruel man: he's have a fieldtrip playing with my nipples all day and keeping me all hot, wet and horny.

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Jealousy turns up the heat

Jealousy can turns up the heat pretty quick in your life: for the best or for the worst.

Even if I was previously in an open relationship, where either partners gladly had sex with other people without much drama ensuing, the idea of my man being with another woman right now makes my blood curls. Up to the point where I'm religiously skimming through his text messages on his cell phone while he's in the shower, or browsing his weblogs while he's distracted with a videogame.

The funniest part is that he's perfectly aware I have that nasty unforgettable habit. Not like he can't actually complain too much: I did find some incriminating evidences. Not to the point of cheating, but still...

I read somewhere that the subconscient of a man will make him trust deeper when he's making love to his woman if he suspects her of being unfaithful. I did experienced some awesome sex with my ex when he was jealous I was getting considerable action on the side.

I'm not sure if women have a stereotype of reaction in face of cheating... asides from throwing clothes out of the window!

Sometimes the idea of being in a corner, to myself, while The Boyfriend would be seducing another lady in his bed strikes me as a very hot fantasy. A bit less when I actually picture jumping on the bed to claw the bitch's eyes out a moment after.

I'm very intense when I really care about something or someone: must be the red hair.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Kinky @ work

So it occured to me, when I had one of those tiny little rubber fingertip on at work, how awesome its rough bumpy texture would feel on my clit.

That being said, I couldn't wait to find out: I skipped to the ladies' room and proceeded to explore my naughty bits with this little office supply.

And just so you know, I throw it in the trashcan in the restroom after. I wouldn't want one of my coworkers to inadvertly use it. ;)

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Pussy Doctor

It's a bit strange to think I had a guy almost wrist-deep in my pussy today and I was far from enjoying it. Gynecological exams are so uncomfortable and unsexy, I don't really know why we subject ourselves to them.

I was half surprise at how quick I disrobe when the doctor asked me to. It seems that not so long ago, barely a few year, I was still uncomfortable with my naked self. And now, if I could have it my way, I'm probably walk around naked all the time.

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Tight grip and geisha balls

I walked most of the way from the metro to my boyfriend's place friday night. It's something like a 30 minutes walk. But I had a very good motivation. I always wanted to know how it feels to have geisha balls in my cunt for a couple of hours, while I go about my day normally.

Well, let me tell you, it feels great! So great that I tremendously enjoyed the metro ride and the short bus ride too. The vibrations from the metro made the metal balls inside rumbles and I was constantely moments away from orgasm. It was even more powerful in the bus, where the vibrations are sometimes loud enough on their own to arouse me: it was decupled with those balls filling my cunt.

Up to the point where the idea of walking to his place instead of waiting for the bus or calling a cab was very interresting... I even consider the idea of stuffing my cunt with the geisha balls every morning so I get the motivation to walk to the metro instead of lazily waiting for the bus.

When I finally took them out, they were covered in slick pussy juices. I almost wanted to put them back in when The Boyfriend was fucking my ass later that night.

I'm not sure what is the animalistic lust that makes me want him all the fucking time. It's such a primal need that I feel like a worthless whore for desiring his thick cock in all my holes, all the time.

There is something so awesome about the way he plunges deep in me and take me like he owns me.

And the way that he hugs me, in a tight grip, at night, makes me feel so wonderfully secure and owned, again. Especially this morning when he was spooning me, with his arms around my throat area. He noticed a change in my breathing and he asked in my ear if I liked it, as he was tightening his grip around my throat with his hand this time. I moaned that I was indeed enjoying this a lot. He told me to choke on his cock, making me feel the big bulge in his silky-like boxer.

I happily obliged.

Friday, 11 July 2008

Couch and sidewalk

Funnily enough, the hotter my sex life is, the less time I have to come here and write about it. But I need to make a few exceptions sometimes, mainly about yesterday evening.

We were at some relatives of mine and they had to excuse themselves from their appartment for about 20 minutes. As soon as they were gone, The Boyfriend and I were all over each other. One thing very quickly lead to another, I dropped my capris and panties and bend over the couch while he was rubbing his cock between my thighs, near my pussy. We had a quick, intense fuck, right there, standing/bending behind the couch.

His cock was probably the hardest I had ever seen. The patio door was wide open and we were at ground level. Anyone walking on the sidewalk at that moment would have seen me taking it from behind like a cheap whore.

The lube created by my slutty pussy and the angle made it perfect for his cock to enter my ass a few moments after that. I had a very powerful orgasm right there, in the living room, in front of the wide open door.

The hottest part was still to come: immediately after I dropped to my knee and took his very stiff member in my eager mouth and licked it until I was rewarded with his yummy, yummy cum.

That all in itself must have taken 10 minutes. 10 intense and hot, hot minutes.

Monday, 7 July 2008

Public slut

Being a slut is many things, but the most fun part is definitely scoring free stuff. I'd say it takes a lifetime of mastering the pout and the cleavage perfectly enough to be able to score some free licorice while stopping to pick up a few things at a depanneur.

A well done pout, a subtle wiggle of the ample bossoms, those who go me the nickname "Buxom" and a well placed "Do you know how long it's been when I last had one in my mouth" while running your hand slowly down the package of cherry flavored licorice did the trick for me this week end.

The Boyfriend is still calling me a slut about this incident today.

Thursday, 3 July 2008

BDSM inclinations?

Do you have an inclination for BDSM?
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(((Note: I haven't covered all aspects of BDSM in this quiz due to the length the quiz would have to be. It is sex-based because psychological profiles can be complicated and motivations for engaging in fetishes vary with couples and individuals. I have written this category as one of the alternatives because this quiz is to test inclination not a definite interest in BDSM.)))

Experimentation is a great place to be. Open-mindedness when it comes to sexuality can open doors and allow you to discover things that you didn't think you would find engaging. Having such a curious attitude can help you learn more about your own sexual nature as well as the nature of others.









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