Friday, 16 December 2011

Common misconceptions

It's a common misconceptions among people that I have live and relive all my fantasies a hundred times already.

That there is nothing left for me to experiment, to aim for, to fantasized about.

As most statements made on my subject, this couldn't be more false.

I long to eat a girl out while I'm being pounded in the ass from behind. I rub one out thinking about being Double Penetrated. My nipples get hard at the idea of sucking cocks until I'm covered in cum. I wanna be fingered and fucked until I faint and squirt all around and beg for mercy. I wanna suck on a cock covered in the juices of a freshly fucked pussy. Bonus point if I can lick the pussy also.

Aaaand I better stop there, I'm working myself up to masturbating and I'm late to work.

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