Thursday, 28 January 2010

Wide load

It feels like the first time, everytime, with that guy.

He's not particularily long down there, average at best. But he's thick. The kind of cock you SEE through his jeans, because you can see the thick bulge that appears near his zipper when he looks at you.

And even if I like it rough, I have to whisper to him to take it easy when he's trying to jam it in there; he's wide. Too wide. He's ripping me appart.

Okay that was silly of me to do, that just got him hornier.

But either way, I enjoy how he stretches me to a point where I feel I'll never be tight again; what a lie. I milk his cock real good and we both cum in harmony a few moments later.

If I had 3 pillow buddies with a similar cock to juggle around my schedule, I'd be an happy slut.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

The biggest challenge...

The biggest challenge is getting me in bed.

Cause once in there, it doesn't take long for a talented guy to turn my motors on and make me cum.

I'm one of those girls who loves quicky. 15 minutes is all I need to go from clothed to naked panting from my 3rd orgasms while I'm cleaning up the cum that's covering my ample breasts.

I love anal so much that it's a real treat when they are incorporated in the quickies. I get so wet when I'm horny, it's the perfect lube to fuck my slutty ass.

When I'm with a guy who is good at crotch-munching, I cum in less than 90 seconds. It's a wonderful experience to get an orgasm from a talented mouth. I miss it sometimes.

I'm also the best at making myself cum but them again aren't we all?

Monday, 18 January 2010

Pussy lips

Cunts, you'd think they are all the same, but you couldn't be more wrong.

Even if I had one for as long as I exist, it's always a different story when I'm touching another girl's. They are not all made in the same mold.

Clits shapes, size and color varies greatly. Some has tiny lips, bigger lips, longer lips. Wider entrance, smaller entrance, higher entrance. I get a whole new respect for the guy who cannot find the hole unless he fidgets for 2 minutes down there!

"Her pussy lips are so big she can tie them into a butterfly knot" is the title of a video I just watched. Freaky! I thought I had longish inner pussy lips until I saw it.

We're all different down there.

Friday, 15 January 2010


So I got a surprise visit by Aunt Flo today.

Well, it wasn't REALLY a surprise, since I often joke that you could time a clock on my uterus. It's just that I haven't realized we were in the middle of the month already.

I have a date planned on Sunday. Even if it's with an old flame of mine, I'm just not going to have period sex.

It grosses me out terribly to have sex when I have my monthly red alert. What's even more disturbing is that I get very horny right at the beginning of the cycle (such as right fucking now!).

I guess I'll get my mouth busy!

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Late night boredom

I'm in bed, bored, surfing for porn on my iPod touch.

I really hate with this stupid thing.

I wish it took pictures

Monday, 11 January 2010


Belive it or not, I'm writing this post while talking on the phone to my mom.

As sexually open as I am, nothing irks me more than my mother talking about the sex she's having (or, to be exact, not having) with my dad.

Mom, I don't wanna hear about E.D., about the fact you haven't had any in a while. I'm happy I no longer live at home, sleeping in the bedroom right under yours and hearing you having sex once in a while. I'm still drinking to try to forget that and it's been over 20 years.

I used to tease my ex about his parents having sex, in very kinky ways and hinted they obviously belonged to a swingers club or two. He was terribly disgusted by the idea and it was hard trying to get "things going" right after I said something like that.

It was funny thought. :)

Monday, 4 January 2010

My ass is still sore

When I haven't had sex in a while, and am on a date with somebody I really click with, I tend to skip the movie and go straight to bed.

Or in this case, we had sex when he came to pick me up and we never made it to the restaurant or the movies, we ordered Chinese and had desserts as soon as I hanged up the phone.

Quick, rough, sticky dirty sex. I loved the feeling of his cock in my mouth and told him so, while he spun me on all fours and he tried to fuck me in this position. Took a few seconds to find the right angle for my freshly shaven lips to part and reveal my eager cunt. He didn't wait anymore and shove the whole length of his member deep in my pussy, making me gasp.

Masturbation is one thing, but the feeling of this thick, warm cock stretching my pussy wide open was way more satisfying then all the hours of lonely pleasure I had in the past couple of weeks.

Just thinking now, about the way his body was laying on top of mine, grabbing my shoulders to trust even deeper, slowly putting his hands around my neck, muffling my moans while creating a very juicy reaction down in my pussy, I'm starting to get goosebumps.

It didn't took him long to move to my ass. I can't remember if I was begging him to, but I sure wanted it very much.

Took a few minutes for my anus to open up enough to accommodate his thick member. I was playing with my clit slowly at the same time, feeling him forcing my tight hole back there.

When he finally got in, forcefully shoving deep in me, I gasped again and I started to squirt a little. He fucked me slowly, than went harder faster and stronger, until we both moaned loudly in ecstasy, and collapsed next to each other, trying to catch our breath.

I hope we can repeat this later this week, and who knows, may be we'll make it to the movies!

The Sexual Philosophy Test

I just took The Sexual Philosophy Test on OkCupid.Com... come one! that test was written FOR me! :)

Here's my result:

You have very little, what are considered to be, socially moral standards. You do not follow traditions or believe that many of the restrictions that are placed on sexual activities or websites are immoral or wrong. Many people do not understand your idea of sex and sexual relations. You are very open minded and open to whatever many come your way. You have a definitive live and let live idea on sex. You probably do not believe that society has a right to dictate what sexual acts are moral or immoral. You would not only own sex toys but have videos the latest in blow up dolls and whatever else you thought would turn you or someone else on. You have little to no restrictions in your sexual nature.

I couldn't agree more, especially to the bolded part; I have a very liberal view on what a couple can be and what is faithfulness in a relationship.

Behind, the scene

I couldn't help to notice last night, while I was soaking my bed sheets with my slutty cunt juices, that I love thinking about anal sex while I masturbate.

Especially when I have a sex toy buzzing away like crazy on my clit, making my pussy gush up like a very ripe fruit.

I lay there on my bed, completely exhausted after a very powerful orgasm, followed by a half dozen "aftermaths". It kept pulsing for a long time after that and my cunt still hurts this morning.

How many more orgasms I could have if my ass was being fucked roughly at the same time?

I fully indeed to find out tonight... I have a date :)

Hot dirty porn

I'm watching a very hot porn video that I got from a website called Porn Star Punishements.

Love the rough sex and the almost rape scene. I'm watching this to get me super horny so I'll masturbate like crazy.

The problem is, I just move. I scattered my sex toys in different boxes and I cannot find them all. I mean think about it, what's better? Somebody accidently finding one sex toy while helping you move, or somebody finding a huge ass box of sex toys?

Either way, there's one specific toy I'm looking for, the G-Spot destroyer, and I guess I'll have to do without it.

That video is making me so fucking horny. He's manhandling that whore like she's a ragdoll; lucky little cunt she is!

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Morpheus' Phallus

Or whoever it was that gave me 2 awesome orgasms last night, thank you.

I'm not entirely sure I was having wet dreams in the first place. But one thing is sure, I had a wonderful orgasm that woke me up, feeling very nice. I went back to sleep with the biggest grin on my face and the same thing hapenned a few hours later.

Man, what a good night "sleep" it was.

And being a girl, having wet dreams is less... of a sticky situation.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Girl on Girl

I was thinking back about my first time, a few days ago.

That got me thinking about my first sexual experiences, of the self-love nature.

I actually discovered masturbation with the help of a kinky neighbour of mine, many years ago. She was very cute with her quirky smile and her long brown hair.

She had all sort of perverted scenarios in her head, of us two, tied up and naked, used by men, touching us everywhere. She was saying those things out loud while we were both in panties, laying on my tiny bed, hidden under the covers. I still remember her soft touch on my perky breasts while I had my eyes closed. It felt so good, how could it be wrong?

It was a sad day when my family moved away, soon after that. But I started touching myself thinking of her stories... thinking about her...

Friday, 1 January 2010

Brand New Year!

Happy New Year!

A brand new year, a brand new post from my brand new laptop in the (not so) new bed in my new apartment.

We always hope for changes, positive changes, when the New Year comes. I have trouble picturing in my head that we are in 2010. It means that this coming fall, I will have been sexually active for 16 years!

How is that possible? I still remember the guy who deflowered me, even if I do not remember the deflowering itself. I also remember cheating on him with his best friend (coincidentally, my best friend's boyfriend also) a few months after my first time. Did I had slutty root even back then?

I was a bit clueless as to what we needed to do with our pubes back then, only having them for a few months anyway, so I shaved them all off. I remember he was surprised and asked me if I had any hair down there already.

Oh and the first time I got fingered (by him), it was while his best friend and my best friend were fondling each other too, on the couch next to us.

And I remember the same weekend, I watched my first complete porn movie; along with them and 2-3 other friends.

So yeah, thinking back, I was always a slut, even at first.