Friday, 30 May 2008


Naked body. Ours, others. In an unerotic environment. How do you feel about it?

My roommate was telling how uneasy she felt in a locker room, when people undress completely to change clothes or take a shower. She said she didn't have my openness about things like this to feel comfortable in that setting.

I somewhat surprised her in telling her I was very uncomfortable about nakedness in a public and non erotic setting. I too would feel very uneasy about people just stripping bare in front of me in a locker room. Heck, the other week at the gym I was feeling weird with all those girls down to their panties and bras around me.

Yet I am very comfortable being naked myself. Heck there is nothing more I liked best than walking around my boyfriend's house in the very early hours of the morning, completely naked, from the room, to the kitchen, to the bathroom, to the living room, back to the bedroom. Ah, blessed times when his folks were out of the country... but I'm divaguing.

As I was saying, I am quite comfortable being naked, not in public, myself. Despite being unconvential, I'm quite comfortable with my skin and my body type: not to the point to be exhibisionit, I'm a pretty prude type of slut outside of the bedroom.

How do you feel about nakedness?

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Fucked up fucks

Yesterday I was so tired that I fell asleep in the middle of masturbation. Okay, I lied, I was just starting when I fell asleep. But still, isn't it funny how my body need of sleep overcame my horniness? It got me thinking, this morning about the opposite, when your need for an orgasm is stronger than anything else.

We all have a regret- fuck or two: that guy we didn't really found attractive or funny that we screwed anyway, that ugly chick we hooked up with, or those random homoerotic encounters just cause we needed to get off.

Sometimes, the need of an orgasm is stronger than a lot of things. And most of us would probably do something stupid to get laid: just like starving orphans would steal to feed themselves. Sex, and the search of the amazing orgasm is a natural desire that we pursue, on different levels of intensity depending on the time elapsed since the last time we satisfied this need.

That being said, sometimes we are just horny dogs and we wanna do the nasty, our eyes closed, thinking about somebody else. Or still pleasure ourselves after our lover's over. Or getting hornier at the thought of our ass full of his hot sticky cum, cause we are dirty, dirty sluts.

Monday, 26 May 2008

Ass and tongue action

Got the crazy scenario today, while being fucked in the ass, about how much fun we would like it (we being my boyfriend and I) if I was sucking on a nice cock while said boyfriend was doing what he does best: raping my ass.

A few moments earlier, as I was riding him, I moaned something about wanting very much so a cock to fill up my ass while I had him so deep in my pussy and it felt like he had to concentrate extra hard not to cream my snatch right there.

To his suggestion, I found nothing else to reply than: Only if you both cum on my face after.

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Attention whore

My boyfriend said that I am a bit naive if I didn't expected people would want to meet me in the flesh after reading my blog. Unfortunately for them, I am not writing this blog in order to get more boytoys: shall I ever decide to go back to an open relationship, I have quite the number of interresting people for that aspect already.

I guess it always somewhat surprises me that when guys notice a girl is open about sex, they assume she want their big juicy penises NOW. Nothing could be farthest from the truth.

I actually had a related discussion about this with a very good friend of mine recently. Yes, we like sex, but we're not JUST about sex. Nor we would get it on with the first guy who waves a big cock in our direction.

Sex is a lot about attractiveness: and what is attractive to some can turn some other people off. Take my chubby self, as an exemple. No one can deny I am a very attractive young lady, despite my somewhat plump being. Yet, some people would indeed be turned off of me because of the extra pounds. And yet, some people are attracted to me exactly for the same reason.

On that thought, just cause I like sex and you like it too doesn't mean I wanna do the nasty dance with you. I tend to always like the same type of men for some reason: not too tall, not too thin, dark hair, glasses. It just makes me horny to seduce the geeky boys. ;)

Wednesday, 21 May 2008


So anyone taking a quick peek at my blog could say the following about me: I squirt, I swallow, I love anal sex, I'm somewhat nympho and I masturbate way too often "for a girl".

Would they know that I touched many different kind of perversions, from a Dominance/submissive relationship, to dating a foot and nylon fetichist, to fucking 2 different guys who didn't knew each other apart by a few hours, that I do ass-to-mouth when I'm really horny, that I let my boyfriend fuck my ass bare, that I'd love to lick a juicy pussy and play with some nice big heavy boobs, that sex is 10 times more pleasurable for me when there is hair pulling and ass slapping involved, that I moan and scream like a pornstar, that I have rape fantasies, that I would probably have been even sluttier in my life if I were thinner, that I would probably love to be a whore, that I adore when I'm called one and finally, that the idea you might be jerking off while reading my blog is making me hot...

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Randoms thoughts from the iPod touch

So my computer died somewhere last week. Not quite sure what is the problem. Either way, that was a long week without internet access and I suffered much from it.

Thankfully, I was able to write a couple entries on my slick and sexy iPod touch, so I can actually post these updates now. :)

Penetration, that blessed moment when I feel his thick cock stretching my pussy, feeling it opening, slowly, with every centimeters. I wish I could live that moment over and over again during a single day, not quite like actual fucking, not quite like an orgasm, just feeling very good. And when it's my ass who is the victim of that delicious assault, its even more stretching and filling, definitely feeling good.

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Splish Splash (Part 1)

I think I discovered that I could squirt when I was 16 or so. It was a one time event that happened when I was masturbating.

I remember being very uncomfortable after, convinced that I has peed on my bed. Otherwise, that orgasm felt very good and was noticeably stronger than the ones I had before. Still, it left me with a weird impression.

It was probably a few months after that, that I learned of the whole squirting phenomenon and I remember feeling a bit relieved knowing that I haven't actually wet with urine. Yet, those liquid orgasms only came back when I was 18.

I remember quire vividly masturbating in the bathroom of my ridiculously tiny appartment of the time, standing up with one foot on the toilet seat. When I started cuming, I felt some thick liquid slowly drip along my thighs and I felt wetter than I ever had been...

to be continued...

Monday, 5 May 2008

In the mood for...

Lately, I'd be in the mood for rubbing my clit while the guy is fucking me slow and deep. Then, when he's about to cum, he stops fucking me and he start jerking himself off: the head of his cock right against my anus. Not quite inside of it. And we'd both cum while his thick white cum splashes on my ass.