Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Sex injuries

I pulled a muscle in my thigh yesterday. Somewhere during sex.

I noticed I tend to have sore muscles after a particuliarly rough sex session, but only if anal sex was involved. How odd.

It reminds me of a time I almost sprained my neck for good during a particuliarly acrobatic ex session, almost 10 years ago. Huge dick, water bed, standing up and enormous boobs : someone is going to regret this the next day.

Sex with an ex

It wasn't the first time in my life that I had sex with one of my ex. The last time I had this experience, it was one of wild sexual frustration, due to 2-3 months of celibacy, so it was rough, a bit violent and definitely not super satisfying.

Little compared to the sex with an ex I had Monday, may be except for the rough part. It should be told, to give a bit of background story, that we used to have a D/s relationship at the beginning of our "thing", almost 2 years ago now. So hair pulling, ass slapping, name calling sex it was.

Well, not much name calling, now that I mention it, I will focus on this aspect. Most of this part came from myself. See, there is this thing about my ass that if you wanna fuck it, you have to talk dirty to me. It's the easiest way to make it "open".

It's also a surefire way to make me cum like a freaking train. I cum very easily during sex, but it's absolutely nothing compared to how hard I cum when there is dirty sexy name calling involved.

The problem with name calling, is if it's forced or overdone, it can definitely turn the other partner off. And, as surprinsing as it sounds, it's the last thing you wanna do when you are doing the dirty deed.

I had great laid plans for this week, having lined up no more than 4 different guys in my schedule. But I had to settle for awesome sex, with the 2 guys who've been banging me for the past year and a half. I thought I'd be disappointed, but I am definitely not.

And the week is not over yet. ;)

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Dick sizes

Just by the title, I know I'll have 100% of the attention of my male readers :)

I was just browsing, a minute ago, a sex-dating website. Quite unfortunately, most men think it's interresting for us to see a pictures of their cock, in lieu of a picture of them, on their profile.

But I'll have to do a whole different entry on how most men profiles sucks on website like that: what I wanted to talk about was dick sizes.

This one profile I'm looking at right now, the guy has quite the impressive shlong, in length. He's sitting and fully erected, the thing goes way above is belly button. I'm guessing a 9 incher here. And he takes the time in his profile to mention how long and hard his cock is.

That's nice and all. But the thing cannot be thicker then 2 of my fingers together. And I have cute small fingers. So basically, fucking this guy would be like being fingered by a very freaky hand...

So does size matters? Yes. But not in length, as most men would think. Actually, I'll have to admit for having had lots of cocks up my cunt, that it does feel incredibly nicer when the cock is around 6 inches, but WIDE.

It's no secret I am partial to fisting: a vagina is something that can stretches a lot, so fill it up with something as thick as you can and I'll be an happy slut. An ex of mine had a cock roughly like that: around 6 inches, a bit narrow at the top but wider and wider as it got to the base. I feel like the term "plowing" really applied to his ravaging of my various orifices. Gawd, did I loved that man...

Off course, men have very little control when it comes to their dick size: that's not something we can work out at the gym when the size/girth/firmness is different then what we wanted. And I understand how this can translates in a lot of insecurity. But really, my message to you gentleman is look at your lover when you fuck her. If you see her squirm around to feel you fill her completely with your cock, if she just moans in genuine and arrousing extasy when you penetrated her, if she squirts when you are ravaging her... I think your dick size is just perfect. ;)

Saturday, 23 February 2008

Party time.

So I had about half a dozen friends over for a small party at my place last night. Drinks and desserts, and videogames (best way to get the guys to know each others apparently). And my BFF (that stands for Best Fuck Friend btw, hehe) was there. We had sex before people got here. Sure puts me in a great mood.

But during the half assed monopoly game we were playing around 11 pm, we just got up, left the others alone to fight over the few unaquired lands and went to fuck again. I don't really know why we have this amazing sex chemistry lately that means that we pretty much cannot be in each other's presence without fucking non stop, but we do. Something about the way his thick cock feels so awesome rubbing against my g-spot and makes me squirt, or stretches my little hole perfectly that makes me cum instanstantely, often non stop while he fucks it, and the incredible orgasm i get when his balls are emptied deep in my ass...

I usually spend the next 2 days after seeing him healing my orifices. I need to pay attention to the way I sit cause I'm so sore. And it's so very hot that I masturbate to those sex sessions at night.

Overall, I'm pretty happy in my life right now :)

Routine sex.

When you've been fucking the same guy for a long while, you sorta have a "routine" sex, eventually. Sex sessions that pretty much always follows the same pattern.

Well the current sex pattern I have pretty much involves missionnary, doggy, and anal sex. I don't think I could get tired of that any time soon :P

But still, sometimes I wonder if sex can really be all sparks and fireworks if you always do it the same way.

And then again, the way I had to wait until my bed dried up before going to sleep yesterday night is telling me that yes, that kind of sex is very satisfactory to my body :P

It's somewhat incredibly hot also how my ass just _wants_ to be fucked all the time. I think I overall like anal sex better then vaginal sex. Close enough anyway.

I reaaaally want a MMF threesome. I wanna feel stretched and filled and fuck like a real slut.I'm getting wet just thinking of it.

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Air II

After experimenting a little, and discussing it, it appears that choking during sex can be insanely hot. It's really like, since there is no air going to my brain, the only thing left to enjoy is the orgasm. I can't think, I can't breathe, I can't hear, I can't see. Pure extasy.

Sex is good when...

when your orifices hurts.
when you just lay there after, with a huge silly grin.
when you feel your pussy pulsing just thinking about the sex you had before.
when you feel his touch and your body respond immediately.
when you are exhausted, but still want more.
when you feel, after, that you pulled a muscle.
when you squirt. While he fucks your ass.