Thursday, 31 May 2012

Cherry flavoured

So I can't schlick off without lube anymore.

For years, my own wetness was enough.  Dunno what changed.  I even cum differently since I moved to Ontario.  Weird stuff.

So the first lube I bought, at 18, was cherry flavoured.  Some sticky substance that would get warm when you blow on it.  Fun blow job times, but a bit too sickly sweet after a while.

Still today the scent of strong artificial cherry gets me going.

So I'll let you guess the scent of my new lube.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

So I'm reading 50 Shades of Grey

Reminds me of 2 of my exes merged together.

And making me wanton for a relationship with a Dominant again.

Someone who's whole world would revolves around me.  Treats me like a princess by day, fucks me like a wanton whore at night.

It's frankly impossible to find a good balance in that domain.

All I wanted

All I wanted was to kneel in the corner and have you fuck my face, while I rubbed my clit out.

In that tiny studio apartment I had.  With the pull-out couch and the old style fridge.

I wanted you to treat me like a whore.

Fuck my face some more.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Good for.

He's taking me from behind.

 One hand grasping a chunk of my hair, at the base of my head. The other grabbing a breast, with a hard and hungry firmness; suddenly releasing it to go molest my clit.

I am screaming.

His fullness devouring me from inside. Over my own screams, I can barely hear it when he whispers huskily that this is all that i'm good for. He leaves me, so quickly I gasp in surprise.

Coated with my juices, his cock head poke around my anus urgently. He's gonna fuck my ass. He's gonna tear me in two.

He does. He slows down at first. Stressed, my hole clams up.

He repeats himself. This is all I'm good for, I agree outloud as he finally enter me to the hilt.

I squirt.

 He's rubbing my clit so fast I couldn't help it. Pleasure and Pain. Used.