Sunday, 6 November 2011

Sex Evolution

Everything I love in bed now are things I used to find repulsive.

Disney teaches us to be good girls and that our prince will come. They don't prepare you for your prince wanting to stick his large cock in your ass, grab you by the throat as he fucks you, slapping your face calling you a whore.

Granted, few guys actually act this way in bed on the first encounters. But I gradually learned to like more and more "alternative" things and I'm less shy about asking for them.

I remember thinking people tying each others up and sucking on cocks that just been in their ass as wackos.

Heck at one point in my life, cunnilingus was something that sounded absolutely disgusting. So forget about lubing up a fist to shove it deep in my cunt or calling me a cunt while doing it altogether. Now I wouldn't mind, actually would kinda like having my ass spanked while I'm gushing buckets.

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