Sunday, 25 September 2011

Pheromones and random guys

As much as it's flattering, I am always a bit cautious of strangers hitting on me in public places. Or guys hitting on me at all.

And unfortunately for me, I have the pheromones of a roman love goddess lately. On my way to the dentist earlier this week, no less than 3 guys confused my terror for "come over and tell me how beautiful I am and try to get my phone number". It's even more disturbing when it's a cab drive, as I end up feeling trapped on top of everything else.

I usually don't make a negative observation without offering an alternative way to achieve your goals, but I am quite stumped on this one. I guess what I hate is they shower you with compliments then just stand there.... it looks like they're expecting me to offer my phone number.

The compliments I prefer getting from strangers are the short and sweet ones. Like a driveby feel good. "Just wanted to tell you, you are very pretty. Your eyes are so big and blue, and your smile brighten up a room. Have a nice day." and then leave.

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