Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Sex Nine One One

So I pulled a muscle in my calf. From tensing up too much during my 4th or 5th orgasm of the night on Sunday. It's embarassing in itself. But more funny then anything.

Got me thinking about the various sex injuries I subjected myself to over the years. One memorable one was when I was a few months shy of 19 years old. Picture a slimer me with perkier boobs if that doesn't give you a nosebleed.

So I was fucking my then-boyfriend on his waterbed. I'll really have to describe the position as well as I can here, because it's a fairly weird thing to picture. He was standing up on it (bad idea in itself, but when you're young and horny this is far from the stupidest thing you'd do).

Or maybe it's quite simple, I was doing the bridge. As I said he was standing up, so I had my legs around his waist and my hands on the mattress, boobs facing up. Whatever prompted us to fuck that way I will never remember, but thinking back he would often fuck me in this position. Regardless, the problem came quickly, as you can imagine, with the stability of the surface and the heavyness of my breasts.

Almost broke my damn neck. Seriously injuried it enough we had to go to the hospital and I officially had a wryneck for a few days.

Yup, we both came.

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