Thursday, 22 September 2011

Benny Hill and Puppies

I was renting out this cottage for a few months, while I was figuring things out. He came over to hang out one week end and we were fucking a lot.

At least we were trying. The bedroom had no door and my 4 months old puppy was very curious as to what we were doing. Ensue a typical weird expression on the guy's face... "your dog is licking my balls"...

I get hysterical easily when I laugh. All the following scene was missing was the themesong from Benny Hill: an husky guy running around the room trying to catch a bouncy puppy to put him away.

Whatever he ended up doing, I remember the end of that scene: I was licking the tip of his cock for cum frantically for cum while he was making me squirt with his mouth.

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