Friday, 6 November 2015

How to get away with major horniness

I'm watching "How to get away with murder". Watching? More like completely obsessed with it.  But there is a scene that got my flow going.

I have a mild crush on Frank. He's so... mysterious, handsome and beardy. And he's sleeping with one of the law student of his employer.

Anyway, the scene in question that got my juices flowing was something like this... he pins her against the wall and implies she came over for fast hard toe-curling sex those prep-school boys never gave her.

She dismissed him by laughing and claiming he thought too highly of himself.  He replied that he was just reading her body response to his presence: the goosebumps on her neck and how fast her heart beat was.

He then said something incredibly sexy, about how she only wanted him to kiss her, deep, slowly, having his tongue move down her neck, her chest, stomach until he was under the skirt she was wearing, then slide his fingers into her panties...

Blood rushed to my cheeks and to my genitals, responding to that scene just like the student, Laurel, was.

Damn that was hot...

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Face down, ass up and filled up with cum

That's how I feel at my sexiest.  When you grant me your luscious pearl jam, filling me with it.  Feeling it dripping slowly out of my tight ass, still panting from my own orgasms.

The whole deal started with you asking me to greet you on all four, and like an obedient bitch I was eager to comply.  You entered my room and started undoing your belt immediately.

You were already hard. Why wouldn't you?  Thinking of me, the greedy little slut would be enough to make anyone rock hard in an instant.

You shoved your cock down my throat without so much as an Hello.  Fucking my mouth, hungrily, you grabbed a fistfull of my hair to get a better grip on the whole ordeal.

"Suck it, whore", you said.  I moaned around your cock in approbation...

Monday, 12 October 2015

I've been good, isn't it horrible? I've been good for far too long....

Missed me, my loves?

I missed myself.  I missed being this sensual, erotic creature that just float around through her days dreaming about the naughty things she will do at night.

Will it be hard, rough, or soft and gentle?

Will he choke me, while fucking my ass, calling me a whore?
Will he eat me out like a juicy ripe peach?
Will he caress my ass softly or spank me wildly?

And more importantly, will you be there to read my report of my encounters?

I missed you, my sweeties.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

I woke up wet.

And my nipples were fully erect and sensitive.  I barely had to touch my clitoris to feel it firm under my finger.

I tend caressed my breasts and felt them very soft yet firm, very pleasurable.

I am ready for the picking.  Like a juicy fruit on a tree branch.

I bet I taste of delicious pear too.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013


It's the way he spreads my legs to get deeper inside.  Making me glistening with haste, moaning with pleasure, aching with delicious pain as he ravages me.

It's the impatience in his eyes, the sudden hand around my throat, the soft growl slipping through his clenched teeth.

He's starving, you see. And I'm a damn fine meal.