Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Oldie, goodie

An older post from an older blog of mine...

I like how he took off my black g-string I bought earlier that day. I put it on like barely an hour before he came over. I was with someone else yesterday. I knew He wanted to fuck me until i forget i ever was with anyone but Him tonight.

So as I said, He took off my black g-string. He was holding it and He noticed how wet they were. « Are you already that wet for me? » He asked. I answered back by asking him what He was doing. « Your roommate is next door, we have to gag you so you don't get too loud, don't we? » before He made me lick the wetness. Like an hungry little whore, I complied. He then put them in my mouth and tied them on the back of my head. « Look at me.... beautiful » He said, when I looked at him from my place, on all fours on the bed, while he was standing up next to it.

My ass was kinda already up into the air, He simply shifted me in a position with a better access to it for Him. He immediately started to finger/fist my cunt, my already dripping cunt. Slowly, I understood He didn't care much about pleasuring me at that point, He started rubbing some of my wetness on my asshole. He quickly stuck a finger in it, making me cringe. God I hate having a finger back there.

Seeing as I wasn't ready enough, He fucked my cunt for a few seconds to lube up His cock. He bend over to eat & lick my ass, making it more ready for His cock. Then He pushed. He placed the head of His big hard cock against my ass and He pushed.

At this point I doubted the gag was for my roommate's sake; it was clear He wanted to rape my ass without me tearing His eardrums with my screams. Once He finally was buried real deep in my ass, he asked me by whispering in my ear if it was hurting. I nodded. He asked if I wanted him to withdrawl. I energically said no by rapidely turning my head left & right rapidly. He started pumping.

I never felt anything so raw, so bare, so big in my ass before. The more it was painful, and believe me it was, the more I could feel my cunt just soaking up and my juices sliding down my thighs. « You like when I fuck your ass, slut? You like when I make you my bitch? » He was grunting while His cock was indeed making a bitch out of my ass.

The pain, the sweet pleasure of pain. The intensity of the fucking. A good, hard fucking, like I needed from Him. My ass still hurts when I think of it. His nails digging my back, my hips, His cock going deeper and deeper. The way He stand stills and stopped moving when He came, the way my ass was so sore I couldn't really move after...

We chatted for a while, I was laying on my stomach to avoid feeling His cum leak out of me. He told me to be careful, He wanted me to keep it as long as possible. Later on He forbidded me to clean up: He wanted me to feel His cum in my ass all evening and all night. He made me put my gstring back on, we got dressed and we went out for coffee.

« I feel like such a slut » I confessed. « That's the right state of mind you should be in » He said.

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