Monday, 5 September 2011

Juicy Fruit

I wish I had a rational explanation for this. It will be confusing to my readers to even attempt to follow up the crazy strings of events.

I am being romanced by a very nice boy who wants the same things I want out of life. And sexually we click. A lot. But he's absolutely not turned on by the idea of me being on my knees sucking another cock while he watches and comments on my whorish ways.

Actually... He has no idea about this blog. He knows about my past sexual life: he doesn't think me a virgin or anything. But, as the song goes... Scotty doesn't know...

And lately we had a weird thing going on. Especially tonight. We had awesome phone sex. Mindblowing orgasm I had. Then someone poked me on skype.

I wish I had a rational explanation for this. I said this already. And I truly do. But I watched that other guy jerk off while saying dirty things to me. I came 3 times with him.

I am hopeless.

Also, welcome back.

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