Monday, 24 November 2008

Sexual experience

I turned 28 sometimes last week (yup, I'm a Scorpio. Seriously). It got me thinking about sexual experience...

I got deflowered a couple of weeks before my 14th birthday. Nothing special or particularly memorable: nor even remotely hot about my first time.

So, all things considered, I have been sexually active for at least 14 years now... it's a bit scary when you think of how often my pussy got stretched by big large cocks... Or how many said cocks fucked my ass and my mouth since.

I stopped counting after 30 lovers. I'm confortable with the slut label: I just don't think it need to be more specific than that.

I'm home alone tonight and quite bored. Make me almost wish I had a lover or two on the side to have fun while my man is gone.

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Sticky buns and dirty panties.

It was a couple of nights ago. We were in bed. He was horny, I was too tired to even endure being fucked. I told him, while pulling down my panties and facing away from him, to just masturbate and cum on my ass. It didn't took him a minute to let his sticky ooze slide down on my behind. I pulled up my panties and snuggled up to him, saying how I like to be used.

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Girl next door sex.

It occured to me, while reading some messages sent to me on a swingers' website, that I'm not very fancy, sex wise.

I don't like dressing up. Heck I don't even like wearing skirts. High heels and nylons are utterly uncomfortable and I don't care for matching bras and panties (I tend to go all black anyway). I barely have time to do my hair in the morning and I couldn't be bothered to do them before going to bed either.

I do dress up nicely for a date, but no frills and probably not super sexy (asides from the killer cleavage I do put on display).

So fantasies about meeting a stranger in an hotel room, when the guy specify for 5 lines what he's picturing me to wear, how sexy the knee high boots would be on my goddess feet and how the smoothness of silk gets blend in the softness of my skin... heeeeellll no.

No my cup of tea. I would probably indulge, for a very special occasion. Heck, I don't even wear thongs all that much!

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Why I don't blog anymore...

... and other banalities.

Well, I never was a very good blogger anyway. I can never discipline myself to write at regular intervals or keep my readership interrested enough to come back for more and interact with me.

Am I closing? No. But I'll need a whole lot of motivation to get me going again.

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Dear Penthouse...

Dear Penthouse...

Little did I knew, last night when I got to bed, that my boyfriend and my best friend would be scheming together a little surprise for me.

I do believe I was half asleep when they came to join me in my boyfriend's comfy bed, topped with no less than 6 pillows. His bed feels like it belong in an erotic harem. I was pleasantly awaken by their hands touching my naked body, mouths, tongues and fingers everywhere, slowly, nicely. In such not quite awake state, you have no idea whose hands are were and it's the most amazing feeling.

He was able, without much resistance, to slide his hard cock in my wet and eager pussy. I was indeed already dripping at this point. I loved how he was pounding into me while he was fingering her, and at the same time she was kissing me. He made me taste her pussy juice on his fingers while he was making me cum and it was simply delightful.

The best part was probably when he was alternating between her pussy and mine. Everything in his body language was telling me that he was working hard at holding back: no wonder with such an highly sensual experience.

I just had to feel his cum in me, so I arched my back on the mattress while he was pounding me from behind and I was making out with her. I begged him to fill me with his yummy semen, all while fondling my friend's beautiful heavy breasts. He, as usual, happily released his seed in my hungry cunt.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Juicy Pussy

Just cause it's catchy... ;)

I guess I'm starting off with an inside joke here... It would be rude not to share with you. See, Sunday, in bed, my boyfriend took my hand and guided it in the thong of J. I can't remember when I last touched a pussy, but it was definitely decades ago.

Funnily enough, my first impression was uber surprise: what the HELL is that? I guess I'm more used to touch guys parts. After a second or two, you realize it's just like your own equipment, but you don't get the sensation that comes with the touching. See, when I rubbed my clit a certain way, or when I carress my outer labia that other way, I get certain feelings. Now, it was a bit like shooting in the dark. Quite interresting!

Then the rest is a bit blurry, but I do vividly remember how hot it was to see my boyfriend, guide his cock even!, fuck another girl in front of me. Even more so when, while he took her from behind, she urges me to kiss her and we start to make out and fondle our boobs. Yup, that one definitely pushed him over the edge.

Now Im very curious to see if he could fuck BOTH of us at the same time...

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Threesome and creme brulee

Threesome and creme brulee... confidences sur l'oreiller...

I always wondered how it would be, how it would feel...

So soft, her skin tender and white, so ample yet perky, her breasts, so erotic and wet, her kiss. So hot, watching her going on him, watching him finger us both at the same time, watching her watching us fucking, rubbing his cum on her soft breasts and licking it after.

Indeed, threesome and creme brulee. One of the best times I ever had.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Sex and toys.

How often do you use sex toys, in your solo or duo pleasure?

As for me/us, quite rarely!

The problem with being a slut like I am, is that I gush like a fountain entirely too easily. Which also translates in my clit becoming over sensitive after just a little while. Once in a while, I want a little fantasy, or turn my boyfriend on, so I'll use a dildo on my cunt.

Other time, I feel naughty and I use toys on him. It's so hot the way anal beads make their way slowly in his tight ass.

And sometimes, when I'm extra horny, it's all out baby: silver bullet on my clit, gspot finder in my cooch and full buzzer vibrator up my ass.

Did I mention anything about squirting like a fountain?

Tuesday, 2 September 2008


I guess women tend to be more attracted to sensuality than their masculine counterpart. Still, it's nice to find a man who loves to cuddle as much as I do.

While a big portion of sexuality is obviously the actual coitus, I am definitely turned on by a gentle touch, a light kiss on the back of my hand, a little nibble on the soft spot on my neck, a nice carress on my hip... I get goosebumps quite easily and my pussy gets wet just as easily.

And sharing all that with The Boyfriend and a common female friend in a delightful afternoon is innocently naughty. Much more erotic in my mind than an actual threesome would be.

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Pr0n and Lesbian sex

The Boyfriend was in bed early last night. I was up and bored, so I watched some porn. It arroused me to the point I went to wake him up to have crazy middle of the night sex. It was a video featuring a relatively well endowed male and 3 hottish females. At one point, one was laying on her back, spread eagle, and the other 2 were on top of her, on top of each other, doggy style. So the guy was fucking them all one after the other, a couple of thrust here, a good ball deep penetration there. Then he fucked their asses also.

Do you see why it got me horny? We didn't had anal last night thought. But I still love when my lover's thick cock owns my pussy and fill it with cum.

So that whole porn video really makes me wanna have a girlfriend. To play with us. And me.

And for some reason, last night I dreamed I was having lesbian sex. In my dream, I was pretty bad at eating pussy. Let's hope it's not the case!

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Use me...

There is this thing that a man can do to me to ensure I will follow him to the end of the world and become his sexual slave forever: use me.

Being thrown in a bed, clothes ripped off me and my legs being forced open for a thick hard cock to penetrate me, regardless of my wetness state, is definitely something that I would enjoy tremendously.

Being flipped over to feel a slick wet cock force himself on my tight anus until it gives in and let itself being raped will make me get a powerful orgasm in very little time.

A word, commanded, not asked, to get on my knees and suck his cock... "now", when I'm not obeying fast enought. A good hair pulling while I'm being fucked doggy style. Being told how much I'm his while he abuses any and every holes on my body, cause I truly am.

Being used as a mere plastic fuckdoll when he just wanna get off quickly. As long as there is cum involved, I am a happy whore.

Saturday, 9 August 2008

3 am

Couldn't sleep last night, around 3 am. Was laying wide awake, and wide opened legs, in his bed. He was snoring lightly. He was a bit stiffy. Played with his nipples and his cock for a while, then I whispered "fuck me" and got on all fours. He said he already fucked me that way tonight (that was around 11 pm when we went to bed). He turned me on my back and slid easily into my wet eager cunt. The same whore hole he filled with his cum a few hours earlier. After a while of cunt stuffing, I begged him to fuck my ass. I cried and I screamed a little cause I wasnt lubbed nor fully ready. But I came like a freaking train when he started fingering my clit and pussy at the same time he filled my ass with his cum. Made me gush like a fountain. This morning, he made me suck on his cock until my mouth was also full of his seed.

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Wide open

Two nights ago, right around bedtime, I got horny. I ended up watching a little porn to get me started, then jumped in my bed to masturbate.

I was rubbing, and tweaking, and wetting, but I couldn't seem to reach a decent orgasm. I wanted a full blown squirting orgasm too. Then I realized that the only way I was gonna get it was by talking to myself, whispering dirty kinky things and calling me naughty names.

That came with my current fantasy: having my ass full of a thick cock and my pussy fisted at the same time. Boy, did that hot scenario got me going. I woke up the next day still sticky from all my juices running down my thighs.

And last night The Boyfriend did exactly that. While raping my tight whore ass, he shove the most of his fist in my cunt, sending me into a wave of awesome orgasms while he moans himself while filling me with his juicy load.

Nothing was more delicious this morning than to arouse him with my mouth while he was still asleep until he wakes up enough to fuck my slutty cunt again. And licking my pussy drips from his cock was so yummy I came while he filled my mouth with his cum.

Thursday, 31 July 2008

Push my buttons...

Or tweak my nipples...

I happen to be blessed, or is it cursed?, with extremely sensitive nipples. A gifted lover can indeed arouse me to the verge of an orgasm should he pay enough attention to my juicy melons' buttons.

That comes as both a gift and a curse, I assure you. When I'm sitting at work and my nipples accidently rub against the edge of a desk or I'm holding something with too much texture against my chest, I can get aroused when this state is quite unwelcome.

On the other hand, right after an amazing orgasm, if my partner keeps playing with either my clit or my nipples, I can get the most awesome post-sex big Os. My breasts are sensitive to the point of sometimes, I simply tweak my nipples and this counts as masturbating cause I can squirt from that.

The problem with this, is I spent my days pretty much in a constant aroused state. Sometimes I'd be better of living as a sex slave to some rich and cruel man: he's have a fieldtrip playing with my nipples all day and keeping me all hot, wet and horny.

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Jealousy turns up the heat

Jealousy can turns up the heat pretty quick in your life: for the best or for the worst.

Even if I was previously in an open relationship, where either partners gladly had sex with other people without much drama ensuing, the idea of my man being with another woman right now makes my blood curls. Up to the point where I'm religiously skimming through his text messages on his cell phone while he's in the shower, or browsing his weblogs while he's distracted with a videogame.

The funniest part is that he's perfectly aware I have that nasty unforgettable habit. Not like he can't actually complain too much: I did find some incriminating evidences. Not to the point of cheating, but still...

I read somewhere that the subconscient of a man will make him trust deeper when he's making love to his woman if he suspects her of being unfaithful. I did experienced some awesome sex with my ex when he was jealous I was getting considerable action on the side.

I'm not sure if women have a stereotype of reaction in face of cheating... asides from throwing clothes out of the window!

Sometimes the idea of being in a corner, to myself, while The Boyfriend would be seducing another lady in his bed strikes me as a very hot fantasy. A bit less when I actually picture jumping on the bed to claw the bitch's eyes out a moment after.

I'm very intense when I really care about something or someone: must be the red hair.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Kinky @ work

So it occured to me, when I had one of those tiny little rubber fingertip on at work, how awesome its rough bumpy texture would feel on my clit.

That being said, I couldn't wait to find out: I skipped to the ladies' room and proceeded to explore my naughty bits with this little office supply.

And just so you know, I throw it in the trashcan in the restroom after. I wouldn't want one of my coworkers to inadvertly use it. ;)

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Pussy Doctor

It's a bit strange to think I had a guy almost wrist-deep in my pussy today and I was far from enjoying it. Gynecological exams are so uncomfortable and unsexy, I don't really know why we subject ourselves to them.

I was half surprise at how quick I disrobe when the doctor asked me to. It seems that not so long ago, barely a few year, I was still uncomfortable with my naked self. And now, if I could have it my way, I'm probably walk around naked all the time.

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Tight grip and geisha balls

I walked most of the way from the metro to my boyfriend's place friday night. It's something like a 30 minutes walk. But I had a very good motivation. I always wanted to know how it feels to have geisha balls in my cunt for a couple of hours, while I go about my day normally.

Well, let me tell you, it feels great! So great that I tremendously enjoyed the metro ride and the short bus ride too. The vibrations from the metro made the metal balls inside rumbles and I was constantely moments away from orgasm. It was even more powerful in the bus, where the vibrations are sometimes loud enough on their own to arouse me: it was decupled with those balls filling my cunt.

Up to the point where the idea of walking to his place instead of waiting for the bus or calling a cab was very interresting... I even consider the idea of stuffing my cunt with the geisha balls every morning so I get the motivation to walk to the metro instead of lazily waiting for the bus.

When I finally took them out, they were covered in slick pussy juices. I almost wanted to put them back in when The Boyfriend was fucking my ass later that night.

I'm not sure what is the animalistic lust that makes me want him all the fucking time. It's such a primal need that I feel like a worthless whore for desiring his thick cock in all my holes, all the time.

There is something so awesome about the way he plunges deep in me and take me like he owns me.

And the way that he hugs me, in a tight grip, at night, makes me feel so wonderfully secure and owned, again. Especially this morning when he was spooning me, with his arms around my throat area. He noticed a change in my breathing and he asked in my ear if I liked it, as he was tightening his grip around my throat with his hand this time. I moaned that I was indeed enjoying this a lot. He told me to choke on his cock, making me feel the big bulge in his silky-like boxer.

I happily obliged.

Friday, 11 July 2008

Couch and sidewalk

Funnily enough, the hotter my sex life is, the less time I have to come here and write about it. But I need to make a few exceptions sometimes, mainly about yesterday evening.

We were at some relatives of mine and they had to excuse themselves from their appartment for about 20 minutes. As soon as they were gone, The Boyfriend and I were all over each other. One thing very quickly lead to another, I dropped my capris and panties and bend over the couch while he was rubbing his cock between my thighs, near my pussy. We had a quick, intense fuck, right there, standing/bending behind the couch.

His cock was probably the hardest I had ever seen. The patio door was wide open and we were at ground level. Anyone walking on the sidewalk at that moment would have seen me taking it from behind like a cheap whore.

The lube created by my slutty pussy and the angle made it perfect for his cock to enter my ass a few moments after that. I had a very powerful orgasm right there, in the living room, in front of the wide open door.

The hottest part was still to come: immediately after I dropped to my knee and took his very stiff member in my eager mouth and licked it until I was rewarded with his yummy, yummy cum.

That all in itself must have taken 10 minutes. 10 intense and hot, hot minutes.

Monday, 7 July 2008

Public slut

Being a slut is many things, but the most fun part is definitely scoring free stuff. I'd say it takes a lifetime of mastering the pout and the cleavage perfectly enough to be able to score some free licorice while stopping to pick up a few things at a depanneur.

A well done pout, a subtle wiggle of the ample bossoms, those who go me the nickname "Buxom" and a well placed "Do you know how long it's been when I last had one in my mouth" while running your hand slowly down the package of cherry flavored licorice did the trick for me this week end.

The Boyfriend is still calling me a slut about this incident today.

Thursday, 3 July 2008

BDSM inclinations?

Do you have an inclination for BDSM?
created with
You scored as Experimental

(((Note: I haven't covered all aspects of BDSM in this quiz due to the length the quiz would have to be. It is sex-based because psychological profiles can be complicated and motivations for engaging in fetishes vary with couples and individuals. I have written this category as one of the alternatives because this quiz is to test inclination not a definite interest in BDSM.)))

Experimentation is a great place to be. Open-mindedness when it comes to sexuality can open doors and allow you to discover things that you didn't think you would find engaging. Having such a curious attitude can help you learn more about your own sexual nature as well as the nature of others.









Exhibitionist / Voyeur


Degradation Lover










Monday, 30 June 2008

Dirty talk

I was looking at my stats and I got amused to see that the following keywords lead people to my blog:

i do ass to mouth
big cocks in my ass make me feel like a slut
fucking sleep slut

how to tease your boyfriend and make him cum
bdsm checklist
geisha balls bought

cum between buttcheeks
slut asleep
blog, boyfriend, cum on my face

How did YOU discovered my blog?

Sunday, 29 June 2008


Dirty bedroom olympics... I was looking at the awesome Zumanity artbook The Boyfriend gave me the other day and it got me thinking about sex positions. I have a lot of favorites: doggy is a good classic. Easy to be spanked in that position, entices hair pulling and dirty talk right in my ear while giving me a good pounding from behind. And an slip in the wrong one is so constantly on the verge of happening with my ass up in the air like that...

Other than that, there's that position I don't really have a name for, so I'll have to describe it to you. Picture good ol' missionary, but with only one of the girl's leg up, resting on the shoulder of the guy, and she is slightly resting on her side instant of her back. The Boyfriend and I had sex a couple times in that position last week and it was awesome: he could play with my clit while I was teasing my nipples. At one time he slipped a couple fingers in my wet cunt while fucking my ass, he could feel his large cock through that flesh wall. Hot.

I tend to go cowgirl, regular or reverse, when I'm incredibly horny and wanna lead things a little. With me, that position is great for boobs lovers because they are definitely getting a faceful of my boobs if I'm riding them.

Curious Slut wants to know: what's your favorite sexual positions? And most important, why?

Friday, 27 June 2008

Mood swings

Granted my libido is higher than the ones of the average woman, but it doesn't mean I wanna fuck twelve times a day either. Some days, yes, we can go at it 2 or 3 times, but that's not something I do seven days a week.

I do have days where I am simply not in the mood for sex. I could bore you here with monthly cycles, hormones and period explanation, but I won't.

Just cause I am not on the mood for fucking doesn't mean I don't think about sex at all.

Sometimes I do wish a nice back rub wouldnt rhyme with having a cock on my ass five minutes after.
Other time I mean it when I just wanna cuddle.

We all need a break from the things we enjoy once in a while to make sure we appreciate them even more when we have them.

Monday, 23 June 2008

BDSM check list

So, as he kindly reminded me through a comment on this very blog, here's a little list taken from the bdsm checklist of stuff i'd be into:

Age play (not pedophilia)
To some extend, the idea of calling a guy pounding you from behind "daddy" is hot.

Anal plugs
It goes up the butt, I'm all up for it.

Anal sex

I might have blogged once or twice about how hot it is when he has his hands around my neck. In fact right now my ass is still pulsing from the awesome orgasm that very thing gave me when he was fucking my ass earlier.

Being blindfolded
Definite turn on.

Being gagged

During throes of passion, a little biting never hurts... or it does, but that's what i like.

Bondage - light

Breast fucking
I love watching a cock pop in and out of my cleavage, more so if i suck on it while its fucking my boobs.

See asphyxion.

Cock worship
I love sucking and licking on a cock for hours.

A little fun thing to experiment.

Double penetration

Face slapping
It just turn me on and can even amplify an orgasm.

Fantasy gang rape
The idea of being treated like a little cheap whore by a bunch of guys taking advantage of me? brb, gotta change panties.

Fantasy rape

It was never a secret how much I think of him fisting me when I masturbate.

Following orders
A man dominant in bed is a man who will be very happy with me.

Forced masturbation
I love masturbating, but being FORCED to do so for someone's enjoyement would be awesome.

Given away
How incredibly hot it would be to have a man give me away to another one and demanding I please him.

Hair pulling
As the proverb says, if you are gonna ride my ass, you might as well pull my hair.

Humiliation in private
Whisper to my ear how much of a nasty slut I am when I take your big cock up my ass and how much you wanna cum in my mouth after my ass is done pleasing you...

Orgasm control
Making me cum only when the man wants to.

Orgasm denial
Being told not to cum will just make it mopre intense when it finally happens.

Phone sex
I love the idea of either leaving a dirty voicemail or to masturbate while you listen to me on the phone.

It's funny cause a bit more than 2 years ago, that idea alone would gross me out. Now i kinda get wet at the idea of licking your anus and balls.

It's so sensual yet naughty at the same time, a deliciously slap on the ass.

Cause it shouldn't be all about me ;)

I'd love for us to find a nice couple to swing with sometimes.

Triple penetration
See gangbang fantasy?

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Sex toy shopping under pressure...

...or how to make it in and out of a sex store with a vibrator and some lube in less than 10 minutes.

We were making it back to his place, we were previously in Laval, where we ate at a _very_fancy restaurant, and I was complaining about how I forget my sex toys at my appartment, which was completely accross town from his house. And it was late, thought not quite midnight yet, so I suggested we stopped at a sex shop and simply buy something: I really wanted to make him feel the vibes in my pussy while he fucks my ass, or the opposite.

I forgot to mention I was extremely drunk at that stage. Not that I need to be drunk to act like the naughty slut I am: but it just take off all inhibitions from my mind and I get complete freedom in my sluttiness. So buzzing sex toys I demanded and my ass fucked raw I needed.

We stopped by a sexshop on the way and the clerk made it very clear to us he has a long day and that the store was only open for barely 10 minutes: it closes at midnight. So we quickly located an inexpensive toy and picked up some lube (in case I ever feel like using that toy in his ass) ;)

I won't give a minute-by-minute recollection of the sex we had, but it was definitely very intense and satisfying. Thought having his cum filling all my ass was making me even hornier than when we started, I confessed to him that I usually wanna masturbate really bad when it was the case. He told me to simply do it and I happily obliged.

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Sleep fucking

A favorite of mine has to be morning sex. First-thing-in-the-morning-sex, too. As a friend of mine put it so elequently, there is something about the half awake state and the morning breath that is quite an experience in itself.

I love the feeling I get through my body during sex when I am half awake. And yesterday night, I got the confirmation I'm definitely some kind of dirty nympho. My boyfriend was kneeling on the bed, about at the height of where my head was, to close a window. Feeling his presence next to me, even thought I was asleep -in the light sleep part of my night- I started to feel him up, since his crotch was right next to my face.

He playfully complained by asking me what I was doing... the rest is a bit foggy, since I *was* indeed asleep, but I remember waking up suddenly a bit after because he shoved his thick cock ball deep in my pussy.

While we often have sex in the early morning, it was the first time I believe that he actually woke me up by fucking me... and I kinda started the encounter too... Quite the experience!

As I said, the whole thing is still a bit blurry in my memory, but I do remember begin him to fill my ass with his cum cause I wanted to feel it leaking from my tight anus all night. And he happily obliged.

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Juicy Pussy

It happenned a few mere moments before a team meeting today at work:  I wanted an orgasm.  I thought about stepping out and indulged myself in some masturbation in the ladies' room: but alast the meeting started just as I was grabbing my access card.

There are a couple decent looking guys at work, not counting my boss who I find deliciously hot.  I often fantasized about what he must be like in bed.  When the conversations at work turns into XXX territory and he peaks in to ask us teasingly what we are talking about, I blush like a schoolgirl.

My body still wanted that orgasm.  I could feel my nipples rubbing against the fabric of my bra and by slowly moving my hips I could tease my clit, very so lightly.  But I wanted a real orgasm, not just some light teasing.

Sadly for me I ended up being too busy to take care of this horny need until my boyfriend fucked me tonight.  It was hot how he was looking at me when I was sucking his cock and then asked me not to move while he positionned himself behind me to slide his thick hard cock in my wet eager pussy.  I loved how he made me cum, half standing half doggy, on the side of his bed.

We alternated a bit between my cunt and my mouth, I love tasting my slutty juices on a beautiful cock.  And then when he couldnt take it anymore, he covered my whole face with his cum.

I love being a dirty, dirty whore...

Monday, 16 June 2008


So the boyfriend actually complained yesterday that he doesn't get to cum on my face enough: my cum whore-iness is making me open my mouth when I see thick white cum splurting from his cock and start sucking it off.

I had to reply with: "Oh, baby, let's go home, fuck my ass and cum on my face after?".

It is ever so delicious the way his thick cock manage to make me feel so violated back there, even after hundred of sessions of anal sex. Each time it's like he's forcing his wide headed member in my tight little "virgin" asshole, it's always making me cringe for the first second or two, as my anus adjust to the girth of his rock hard hardon.

If either him or me talk during during it, i just lose it and start cumming endlessly. I usually cum at least 3 times during anal: while he fucks me, while he cums and after he's done, when I feel his slimy cum between my buttcheeks, teasing my abused anus. And that last orgasm can last several seconds.

But I'm torn, cause what usually turns me very on during anal sex is the idea he's gonna splatter his gooey white semen all over my face. The idea of being treated like a common street whore is extremely arrousing.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Eye candy

When I am about to masturbate, I usually pump my libido up by watching porn (nothing very unique there, is it?)

I always been a fan of for that purpose. It seems no matter what I'm in the mood to fantasize about, it's right, there, ready for me enjoy while I drop my panties and rub my little clit.

Quite predictably, I mainly enjoy clips of anal sex, even more so when there is spanking or hair pulling involved. I wish I could explain in details what turns me on about the idea of a man treating me like a worthless whore and forcing himself on me, while degrading me, but alas I am not sure I fully comprehend all the mechanics of that fantasy myself. But then again, it is quite delightful to watch on the screen.

And yesterday, while I was pinching my nipples and rubbing my clit hard, I was on the verge of squirting when I noticed that my pussy wanted to be filled, but not by merely a rock hard cock: I wanted to fill more full... I wanted a whole hand in there. I started cumming (and squirting) when I started to think about how wonderful it would be to be fisted right there, with the vibrator up my ass and my clit being abused very hard.

The kind of orgasm that leaves you shaking and moaning for a good 5 minutes after the fact. My kind of orgasm. ;)

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Best. Sex. Ever.

I'd lie if I say I didn't fucked men with a certain talent in bed, before my current boyfriend. I sorta got lucky in that sense that most of the guys I've fucked made sure I was enjoying myself tremendously before they allowed themselves to cover my face with cum.

I also believe we all lie a little when we told our lover that he's the best sex we ever had: we feel that way cause the intensity of the orgasm we just had sure is making all the others we had months, years, decades ago fade away.

But I also firmly believe I had the best sex of my life yesterday afternoon. Naughty dirty sweaty awesome sex. I wish I didn't cum like a freaking train each time the head of his cock rubs, accidently, on my anus, but I do: so imagine what anal sex is like for me. Now imagine what it's like when my nipples and clit are stimulated at the same time, and I'm being fingered on top of that. Could feel his fingers inside me feeling his cock in my ass.

I still pulse very madly when I think of it. Heck I had to masturbate twice last night cause that sex made me very hot and bothered all evening.

Friday, 30 May 2008


Naked body. Ours, others. In an unerotic environment. How do you feel about it?

My roommate was telling how uneasy she felt in a locker room, when people undress completely to change clothes or take a shower. She said she didn't have my openness about things like this to feel comfortable in that setting.

I somewhat surprised her in telling her I was very uncomfortable about nakedness in a public and non erotic setting. I too would feel very uneasy about people just stripping bare in front of me in a locker room. Heck, the other week at the gym I was feeling weird with all those girls down to their panties and bras around me.

Yet I am very comfortable being naked myself. Heck there is nothing more I liked best than walking around my boyfriend's house in the very early hours of the morning, completely naked, from the room, to the kitchen, to the bathroom, to the living room, back to the bedroom. Ah, blessed times when his folks were out of the country... but I'm divaguing.

As I was saying, I am quite comfortable being naked, not in public, myself. Despite being unconvential, I'm quite comfortable with my skin and my body type: not to the point to be exhibisionit, I'm a pretty prude type of slut outside of the bedroom.

How do you feel about nakedness?

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Fucked up fucks

Yesterday I was so tired that I fell asleep in the middle of masturbation. Okay, I lied, I was just starting when I fell asleep. But still, isn't it funny how my body need of sleep overcame my horniness? It got me thinking, this morning about the opposite, when your need for an orgasm is stronger than anything else.

We all have a regret- fuck or two: that guy we didn't really found attractive or funny that we screwed anyway, that ugly chick we hooked up with, or those random homoerotic encounters just cause we needed to get off.

Sometimes, the need of an orgasm is stronger than a lot of things. And most of us would probably do something stupid to get laid: just like starving orphans would steal to feed themselves. Sex, and the search of the amazing orgasm is a natural desire that we pursue, on different levels of intensity depending on the time elapsed since the last time we satisfied this need.

That being said, sometimes we are just horny dogs and we wanna do the nasty, our eyes closed, thinking about somebody else. Or still pleasure ourselves after our lover's over. Or getting hornier at the thought of our ass full of his hot sticky cum, cause we are dirty, dirty sluts.

Monday, 26 May 2008

Ass and tongue action

Got the crazy scenario today, while being fucked in the ass, about how much fun we would like it (we being my boyfriend and I) if I was sucking on a nice cock while said boyfriend was doing what he does best: raping my ass.

A few moments earlier, as I was riding him, I moaned something about wanting very much so a cock to fill up my ass while I had him so deep in my pussy and it felt like he had to concentrate extra hard not to cream my snatch right there.

To his suggestion, I found nothing else to reply than: Only if you both cum on my face after.

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Attention whore

My boyfriend said that I am a bit naive if I didn't expected people would want to meet me in the flesh after reading my blog. Unfortunately for them, I am not writing this blog in order to get more boytoys: shall I ever decide to go back to an open relationship, I have quite the number of interresting people for that aspect already.

I guess it always somewhat surprises me that when guys notice a girl is open about sex, they assume she want their big juicy penises NOW. Nothing could be farthest from the truth.

I actually had a related discussion about this with a very good friend of mine recently. Yes, we like sex, but we're not JUST about sex. Nor we would get it on with the first guy who waves a big cock in our direction.

Sex is a lot about attractiveness: and what is attractive to some can turn some other people off. Take my chubby self, as an exemple. No one can deny I am a very attractive young lady, despite my somewhat plump being. Yet, some people would indeed be turned off of me because of the extra pounds. And yet, some people are attracted to me exactly for the same reason.

On that thought, just cause I like sex and you like it too doesn't mean I wanna do the nasty dance with you. I tend to always like the same type of men for some reason: not too tall, not too thin, dark hair, glasses. It just makes me horny to seduce the geeky boys. ;)

Wednesday, 21 May 2008


So anyone taking a quick peek at my blog could say the following about me: I squirt, I swallow, I love anal sex, I'm somewhat nympho and I masturbate way too often "for a girl".

Would they know that I touched many different kind of perversions, from a Dominance/submissive relationship, to dating a foot and nylon fetichist, to fucking 2 different guys who didn't knew each other apart by a few hours, that I do ass-to-mouth when I'm really horny, that I let my boyfriend fuck my ass bare, that I'd love to lick a juicy pussy and play with some nice big heavy boobs, that sex is 10 times more pleasurable for me when there is hair pulling and ass slapping involved, that I moan and scream like a pornstar, that I have rape fantasies, that I would probably have been even sluttier in my life if I were thinner, that I would probably love to be a whore, that I adore when I'm called one and finally, that the idea you might be jerking off while reading my blog is making me hot...

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Randoms thoughts from the iPod touch

So my computer died somewhere last week. Not quite sure what is the problem. Either way, that was a long week without internet access and I suffered much from it.

Thankfully, I was able to write a couple entries on my slick and sexy iPod touch, so I can actually post these updates now. :)

Penetration, that blessed moment when I feel his thick cock stretching my pussy, feeling it opening, slowly, with every centimeters. I wish I could live that moment over and over again during a single day, not quite like actual fucking, not quite like an orgasm, just feeling very good. And when it's my ass who is the victim of that delicious assault, its even more stretching and filling, definitely feeling good.

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Splish Splash (Part 1)

I think I discovered that I could squirt when I was 16 or so. It was a one time event that happened when I was masturbating.

I remember being very uncomfortable after, convinced that I has peed on my bed. Otherwise, that orgasm felt very good and was noticeably stronger than the ones I had before. Still, it left me with a weird impression.

It was probably a few months after that, that I learned of the whole squirting phenomenon and I remember feeling a bit relieved knowing that I haven't actually wet with urine. Yet, those liquid orgasms only came back when I was 18.

I remember quire vividly masturbating in the bathroom of my ridiculously tiny appartment of the time, standing up with one foot on the toilet seat. When I started cuming, I felt some thick liquid slowly drip along my thighs and I felt wetter than I ever had been...

to be continued...

Monday, 5 May 2008

In the mood for...

Lately, I'd be in the mood for rubbing my clit while the guy is fucking me slow and deep. Then, when he's about to cum, he stops fucking me and he start jerking himself off: the head of his cock right against my anus. Not quite inside of it. And we'd both cum while his thick white cum splashes on my ass.

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Cum hungry whore

How do you feel about cum? I absolutely adore cum. I want it on my tits, all over my face, sliding on my tongue, covering my tummy, spreaded on my asscheeks, leaking from my ass, oozing from my pussy...

It's a big turn on for me when the guy is letting you know he's about to cum, and more so when he's telling you "where" he's gonna cum.

It's insanely awesome for me when the guy is calling me a cum hungry whore when he's looking at me enjoying his cum.

It's very arousing for me to think about that, over and over again.

Sunday, 20 April 2008

First time...

The first time I masturbated... I dunno why, but it popped in my mind lately.

It was with a girl. My memory is a bit fuzzy, but I'm sure we were actually touching each other at some point. And kissing, definitely kissing.

For the purpose of making this story more hot (and legal!), we'll pretend those events didn't took place over 20 years ago.

She had all those weird scenarios, pretty BDSM-y. Off course, neither of us would learn about BDSM for the next decade, but when you think of those beginnings, it doesn't make it that strange that I'm into some rougher sports in bed nowadays.

I remember how hot it felt to be sexually stimulated while someone else is telling you, acting when possible, a very hot fantasy of dominance and submission. Of pain and pleasure...

And I love the reactions that doing the same thing now is bringing out of my lover. Fantasies of threesome, of naughtiness... I love how a man can moan in extasy while liberating his seed deep inside your ass because you are just making him that hot.

Saturday, 19 April 2008


You'd think a slut would not have issue with this point, but I actually do. Romance. Romantic stuff. I'm not saying I'm not a romantic at heart: I'm not saying I wouldn't love to have nice long deep sensual lovemaking in front of a fireplace, with slow soothing music playing in the background, looking in each others eyes. I'm just very jaded on this level: I met very seldom men in my life who would be worthy of entering my intimacy that way.

It's not a part of me that I share usually with my boyfriends, let alone my sex partners. I can really only think of one guy who I was extremely comfortable and happy to indulge in this more "vanilla" part of intimacy. We had some very nice moments :) Otherwise, I'm quite satisfied with some less intense "romance" on a more casual level.

I'm sure if I dig around the subject long enough, we'll find out a study has been made and this is a common trend among victims of childhood abuse: not wanting to embrace a high intimacy with someone and preferring to go straight for the fucking. Or something. I don't really care much.

I'm not allergic to intense romance, I just respect it that much that I don't wanna dilute it with doing that sort of things with the first guy I see. I'd rather just fuck him.

Monday, 14 April 2008


Not pwned. Owned. Being owned. Belonging to someone else: giving him free reign to do whatever he wants with you. Those are the basis of a D/s relationship (arguably).

But what if you really get off on some kinkier sex, yet do not want to get into a 24/7 D/s relationship again? It's hard to find someone to "play" with who will be deserving of your trust and respect enough for you to give yourself over to him, yet be able to completely dissociate that relationship from love.

At least, it is for me. Cause these kinky stuff is the kind of stuff I would not let a one night stand guy, or a part time fuck buddy do. I want to live them with someone I love and trust.

And it's hard... cause sometimes... I really wanna be owned again.

Sunday, 13 April 2008


Why is a blowjob suddenly 10 times other when he asks me if I like tasting myself on his cock, and how much better I'd like it if I was tasting another girl on it instead?

Why is being cummed on my face if simply erotic when he tells me he'd like to be the guy fucking me from behind while another one if the one cumming on my face?

Why is it I haven't had a threesome yet? Offers, through the past years, I turned down plenty of. I guess I'm a monogamous type of slut after all: I'm a one on one type of gal.

I had that fantasy for the longest time: sucking on a cock while being fucked on all fours. Or eating pussy, same position.

I'm still considering these options now.

Thursday, 10 April 2008


This isn't an invitation for one, this is actually a meditation on group sex, as a whole.

I never hid the fact I'm a bedroom kinda slut: I don't do poly parties, I don't go to swingers' clubs, I don't do orgies and I'm merely curious about 3somes.

It's just not my cup of tea. Off course, the idea of getting it on with a girl is making me wet my cute little panties this very moment, but I do believe that's the sort of fantasy that will never translate well in real life.

And it got me thinking, in general... what do people do in orgy? Just everyone finds a partner and fuck for 10 minutes and switch after a while, kinda like square dancing?

Do people tag team each others to keep the fun going and going for hours?

Do I really wanna know?

I would imagine the "hotness" of it all and sexual energy filling the place would make most guys cream their shorts in a few minutes. I mean, picture it... bodies, fucking, as far as the eye can see.

It's making me hot thinking about it. But I just don't see myself participating in one. :)

Thursday, 3 April 2008


So, did I mentionned I'm a squirter yet? May be once or twice. Well, Gusher Geeks rejoice, for this post will be all about that weird liquid coming out of my body when I'm entering pure nirvana.

Or something.

One of my ex was absolutely in love with that feature of mine. He would rub my clit very VERY hard and fast, often going as far as fisting me, until he was rewarded with my juicy orgasms. It was a real treat for him knowing he was making me cum that way.

Last night, I broke some sort of record on that aspect. Quite rarely do I cum that way during "normal" sex. That is penile penetration in the vagina. Man those words are unsexy... while someone's fucking my cunt like there's no tomorrow.

In fact, most girl do not cum from penetration alone, but that's an entire story differently.

So yeah, last night I left the cutest heart shaped squirt spot on my fuckfriend's bed. A few hours after, to avoid a repeat of the "wet spot", we had the brilliant idea of folding a blanket in half and putting it under me during sex. More like a thinnish comforter. Well fuck me, I soaked that pretty well and the bedsheet under was damp also. That single sex session is probably the most I ever squirted in my life. And I had masturbated twice (with lots of squirting) before in the day, plus the sex we had a few hours before...

Funnily enough, I masturbated earlier that day to make sure I had nothing else to squirt later that night when I'd be with him... guess I was wrong!

Sunday, 30 March 2008

Online sex

One common complaint most of my male friends have is that they do not get contacted by female a lot when they have a profile on a dating or sex website.

As a female, on such websites, I get my fair share of messages sent to me every day. Weeding through the creepiness is what is complicated. And some creeps are more persistant than others..

I guess I already bored to death most of my friends with that story, so they will roll their eyes that I'm posting it here also. I actually won't be bothered to post the whole log up (mostly because I don't wanna translate it), but to make a long story short, I had a guy who I very politely rejected tracking me down last week.

Based on my nickname on that specific website, he tried every combination possible of that nick to find my msn address. Why do I know that? He was actually bragging about it. To sum it up: he wanted to fuck me and he didnt cared that I wasn't interrested in him.

I do recall that he even said : "so what that i'm much older than you? its just sex!". I wish the story would end with me blocking him on MSN, but alas it doesn't: one week after and he sent me a nasty insulting email.

So yeah... gentlemen, I wonder why the girls don't dare doing the first steps online?

Late at night

So my best friend bought me some nipple clamps. When I was mentionning this to an ex of mine, he suggested I tried them on the next time I was masturbating.

Which coincidently, was that very next evening. Long story short, I couldn't use the nipple clamps cause I fiddled too much with the tension on them, so I wasn't much in the mood to try every possible angles and tension settings until I find one to my liking: I wanted to get off asap!

Now, when I wanna cum very quick, there is usually one magical way to achieve this: something up my ass, fingers running my clit like crazy.

And I did. It was the back-arching-moaning-like-crazy type of orgasm too. The kind that leave you completely out of energy for a good 15 minutes after, until the buzzing of the vibrator against the bed annoys you so much you turn it off, put your toys away and go right to sleep.

One thing that crossed my mind, before I even got to that point, was how much of a dire need of a good old spanking I am. I was on all four on the bed, slowing removing my panties, who were sliding ever slowly off my butt when that thought spurred in my mind. My ass haven't been spanked hard for so long. I kinda crave that kind of sensation, your behind glowing red under the spanks of a strong hand, before a good fucking.

Tuesday, 25 March 2008


It's my belief that when I have an healthy sexual life, when I think of a particuliarly "hot" moment I experienced, my pussy will "pulse", to show me that these thoughts are arousing... and that I want more.

It is a very hot thing to experience also: reliving a nice sexy memory and feeling your body responding to it.

My latest one was quite obviously sunday's: i was being spooned and we were discussing another sexual encounter i had with another guy. I was describing how the guy came all over me: my boobs, my face, even in my hair. The guy who was spooning me at that moment hugged me closer, grabbed my tits and hissed in my ear : "like a cheap whore".

That probably got me more turned on than anything I've experienced recently.

Oh... it just pulsed again...

Tuesday, 18 March 2008


I used to have a detachable showerhead. I take my showers in the morning.

Nothing wakes you up more perfectly well than a delicious loud orgasm induced by the showerhead.... alas, it died so we had the landlord install a new, normal one...

I was shopping for a bathroom scale last week and I was in the showerhead aisle... it was almost as fun as being in the sex shop.

I need a new showerhead. :)

Monday, 17 March 2008

Sex toys: round 2

So, I'm quite happy I decided to give those new toys another go.

I'll be brief, but the following got me off like a freaking train: teasing my ass with the anal beads, while using the finger vibe on my clit. Inserting the geisha balls, teasing clit again, taking off the anal beads to replace them with another vibe I bought a few months ago.

The double vibration made me feel it all the way through my g spot. Quiiiite awesome.

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Sex toys

So during a little shopping spree with my best friend on Thursday, we stopped by the sex shop were I proceeded to spend 100$. I had to try on my toys that very night, and I must say I'm a tiny bit disappointed!

See, I mainly went in the sex shop cause I needed to replace my pocket rocket, who unfortunately broke recently. Funnily enough, I didn't bought a new one, I got distracted instead by a finger vibe (tiny silver bullet with a purple silicone sleeve), geisha balls (black and purple) as well as a purplish set of anal beads. (guesses what my favorite color is yet?)

At first, in the store, I thought the vibrations on the finger vibe was extremely powerful. But I made the mistake of using the lube sample they provided with the geisha balls: it numbed my girly parts a lot, so I wasn't able to enjoy direct clit stimulation as well as I usually do. So I was a bit annoyed by that.

Now the geisha balls... I'd really be curious to wear them while my ass is being fucked, or when I'm walking around all day, cause laying there in bed with them in me was only very fun is I masturbated (my numbed clit!), so it was a bit mild of an experience. But it's very a very fun work out for the pelvic muscles, I must admit, so I guess I can use it for that. :)

As for the anal beads... When I cummed I pulled on the string and I do admit it IS very good sensation.

So in conclusion, I need to experience with my new toys again soon, but WITHOUT that lube. It felt greasier than any lube I ever tried before too, and it wasn't a good sensation. I bet I'll enjoy my toys way more without it anyway :)

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Holding back

As we were preparing dinner, a very non-erotic activity in itself, he was constantly grinding against my ass, making me feel his thick, hard cock through our clothes. Then it struck me: why didn't we had sex right there, right then? Against the kitchen counter.

The reason, boys and girls, is this slut constantly holds back. And I wish I knew why. Cause man, it would have been awesome, fucking in the middle of the kitchen.

I guess with my most recent boyfriend, who we'll call A, we got into the habit of fucking in public so often that I kinda dig the comfort of a bed nowaday. But yet, I always fantasize about having sex elsewhere: in the shower, against the leather couch, on the computer chair, etc.

And for some reasons, lately, I'm holding back a lot on wilder stuff. It's funny cause I'm more comfortable in my sexuality, lifestyle and self than I ever was in my life.

I'll work on that, in time. But still... what would I have given to have a guy take over the situation and just fuck me, right there, in the middle of the kitchen...

Sunday, 9 March 2008


I found a cute little quote from Doroty Parker:

I like to have a martini,
Two at the very most.
After three I'm under the table,
after four I'm under my host.

Got me thinking of how wild and slutty I get when I'm drunk. Or how it used to turn me this way. I recently noticed that since I'm already wild and slutty in bed, as opposed to how I was before, alcool only makes me horny.

As in I'll-throw-you-on-the-bed-takes-off-your-pants-rip-off-your-boxers-and-will-ride-you-until-i-came-3-times type of horny.

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Not tonight honey, I have a headache.

That's what I feel like each time I wanna grab some of these wandering thoughts in my head and put them down on my blog. I must be texting myself 3 times a day with blogging ideas, yet, nothing ever gets done.

Tonight, I went shopping downtown with my best friend. We stopped at a café on Ste-Catherine. I couldn't help but smile when I remember it was the first place I started having public sex in Montréal, with my ex.

Funnily enough, earlier this week I texted myself "clog public sex". (So I made a typo while texting myself, sue me). Ooh the various place we would have oral, or complete sex.

Most of the time bathrooms, downtown. Thing of it next time you are shopping at the Eaton Center, eating some Dim Sum at the Chinatown's Holiday Inn or running to your class at McGill. ;)

There is something hot, yet slightly degrading, in having to perform sex in such a common place as a public bathroom. Perfect scenario of the D/s-ish relationship we had back then.

But that was no where near as hot as having sex at work. In the call center. Right after the last agents left for the night. And then again, that one got topped by the time I sucked him off, to completion, on the floor, while there was still people on the floor about 10 feet away from us (thank god for cubicles). And 3 seconds after he blew his load in my eager mouth, I went to assist an agent with their call...

That was quite hot. Fond memories I can never forget :)

Monday, 3 March 2008

What's this blog about?

This week end I had a small discussion, while driving from point A to point B in my friend's car, about the purpose of my blog. And what I wanna blog about, in general.

Most sex blogs I'm following has this in common: you can masturbate to them. They are often red-only porn: a word by word, second by second count of a specific sexual encounter.

I wish I could write that well. But then again, that is not what I wanna carry in my blog. If I wanted to write erotica, I'd write erotica. I used to. And that is no what I want/need to do.

I picked the name of this blog for a good reason. My mind tend to overanalyze things. Sex, love, relationships. Everything at all in fact. I can replay a conversation, or a sex session, in my head a thousand times, and analyze it under different angles.

So that's why I choose to blog. I wanna portrait some feelings I get during sex. Fucking is such an awesome experience. I can never get tired of that.

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Sex injuries

I pulled a muscle in my thigh yesterday. Somewhere during sex.

I noticed I tend to have sore muscles after a particuliarly rough sex session, but only if anal sex was involved. How odd.

It reminds me of a time I almost sprained my neck for good during a particuliarly acrobatic ex session, almost 10 years ago. Huge dick, water bed, standing up and enormous boobs : someone is going to regret this the next day.

Sex with an ex

It wasn't the first time in my life that I had sex with one of my ex. The last time I had this experience, it was one of wild sexual frustration, due to 2-3 months of celibacy, so it was rough, a bit violent and definitely not super satisfying.

Little compared to the sex with an ex I had Monday, may be except for the rough part. It should be told, to give a bit of background story, that we used to have a D/s relationship at the beginning of our "thing", almost 2 years ago now. So hair pulling, ass slapping, name calling sex it was.

Well, not much name calling, now that I mention it, I will focus on this aspect. Most of this part came from myself. See, there is this thing about my ass that if you wanna fuck it, you have to talk dirty to me. It's the easiest way to make it "open".

It's also a surefire way to make me cum like a freaking train. I cum very easily during sex, but it's absolutely nothing compared to how hard I cum when there is dirty sexy name calling involved.

The problem with name calling, is if it's forced or overdone, it can definitely turn the other partner off. And, as surprinsing as it sounds, it's the last thing you wanna do when you are doing the dirty deed.

I had great laid plans for this week, having lined up no more than 4 different guys in my schedule. But I had to settle for awesome sex, with the 2 guys who've been banging me for the past year and a half. I thought I'd be disappointed, but I am definitely not.

And the week is not over yet. ;)

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Dick sizes

Just by the title, I know I'll have 100% of the attention of my male readers :)

I was just browsing, a minute ago, a sex-dating website. Quite unfortunately, most men think it's interresting for us to see a pictures of their cock, in lieu of a picture of them, on their profile.

But I'll have to do a whole different entry on how most men profiles sucks on website like that: what I wanted to talk about was dick sizes.

This one profile I'm looking at right now, the guy has quite the impressive shlong, in length. He's sitting and fully erected, the thing goes way above is belly button. I'm guessing a 9 incher here. And he takes the time in his profile to mention how long and hard his cock is.

That's nice and all. But the thing cannot be thicker then 2 of my fingers together. And I have cute small fingers. So basically, fucking this guy would be like being fingered by a very freaky hand...

So does size matters? Yes. But not in length, as most men would think. Actually, I'll have to admit for having had lots of cocks up my cunt, that it does feel incredibly nicer when the cock is around 6 inches, but WIDE.

It's no secret I am partial to fisting: a vagina is something that can stretches a lot, so fill it up with something as thick as you can and I'll be an happy slut. An ex of mine had a cock roughly like that: around 6 inches, a bit narrow at the top but wider and wider as it got to the base. I feel like the term "plowing" really applied to his ravaging of my various orifices. Gawd, did I loved that man...

Off course, men have very little control when it comes to their dick size: that's not something we can work out at the gym when the size/girth/firmness is different then what we wanted. And I understand how this can translates in a lot of insecurity. But really, my message to you gentleman is look at your lover when you fuck her. If you see her squirm around to feel you fill her completely with your cock, if she just moans in genuine and arrousing extasy when you penetrated her, if she squirts when you are ravaging her... I think your dick size is just perfect. ;)

Saturday, 23 February 2008

Party time.

So I had about half a dozen friends over for a small party at my place last night. Drinks and desserts, and videogames (best way to get the guys to know each others apparently). And my BFF (that stands for Best Fuck Friend btw, hehe) was there. We had sex before people got here. Sure puts me in a great mood.

But during the half assed monopoly game we were playing around 11 pm, we just got up, left the others alone to fight over the few unaquired lands and went to fuck again. I don't really know why we have this amazing sex chemistry lately that means that we pretty much cannot be in each other's presence without fucking non stop, but we do. Something about the way his thick cock feels so awesome rubbing against my g-spot and makes me squirt, or stretches my little hole perfectly that makes me cum instanstantely, often non stop while he fucks it, and the incredible orgasm i get when his balls are emptied deep in my ass...

I usually spend the next 2 days after seeing him healing my orifices. I need to pay attention to the way I sit cause I'm so sore. And it's so very hot that I masturbate to those sex sessions at night.

Overall, I'm pretty happy in my life right now :)

Routine sex.

When you've been fucking the same guy for a long while, you sorta have a "routine" sex, eventually. Sex sessions that pretty much always follows the same pattern.

Well the current sex pattern I have pretty much involves missionnary, doggy, and anal sex. I don't think I could get tired of that any time soon :P

But still, sometimes I wonder if sex can really be all sparks and fireworks if you always do it the same way.

And then again, the way I had to wait until my bed dried up before going to sleep yesterday night is telling me that yes, that kind of sex is very satisfactory to my body :P

It's somewhat incredibly hot also how my ass just _wants_ to be fucked all the time. I think I overall like anal sex better then vaginal sex. Close enough anyway.

I reaaaally want a MMF threesome. I wanna feel stretched and filled and fuck like a real slut.I'm getting wet just thinking of it.

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Air II

After experimenting a little, and discussing it, it appears that choking during sex can be insanely hot. It's really like, since there is no air going to my brain, the only thing left to enjoy is the orgasm. I can't think, I can't breathe, I can't hear, I can't see. Pure extasy.

Sex is good when...

when your orifices hurts.
when you just lay there after, with a huge silly grin.
when you feel your pussy pulsing just thinking about the sex you had before.
when you feel his touch and your body respond immediately.
when you are exhausted, but still want more.
when you feel, after, that you pulled a muscle.
when you squirt. While he fucks your ass.

Saturday, 26 January 2008

Orgasms make the world go round.

We all have our little problems, in our life. Some are big. Some are sad, some are hard. But I noticed that my life is just perfect. Yes, it is. No matter what's the amount and importance of the problems I might be cursed with, after I've been fuck, I just don't care. At all. So if I could be fucked incredibly like that every second day, all my worries would go away.

I'm pretty sure I came no less than 4 times while my ass was being stretched by a thick cock, 2 nights ago. The last orgasm I had left me completely out of it for a good minute or so, while I was feeling his cum filling up my ass. Just perfect.

Monday, 21 January 2008

Dirty talk

I love having my ass fucked. A common ritual in these settings is to use lube. That's not necessary with me. I'm such the dirty anal slut that the mere fact the guy mentions he wanna fuck my ass and I just get hornier, and ready. Large, agaisnt my tiny hole. I know his thick cock will hurt me back there, but that just makes me want it more. And if I'm lucky enough to feel his warm load of cum deep in me, it's instant blissful orgasm.

Friday, 11 January 2008


Gentle, but firm. His hand, on my throat, when we make out. Slowly clenching, thigher, around my windpipe. Not quite dizzy, but just about right. Kiss me, again.

Thursday, 3 January 2008


As much as I love swallowing, I'm starting to think there is very little things that make you a slut more than asking for a guy to cum on your face.

There is something arrousing at the idea of begging them to cum on your face, when they are working hard at fucking your cunt. A slight twitch in their cock you can barely feel. Hot.

I like when they cum on my face. My sluttyness always gets the better of me and I'll open my mouth to swallow. I love feeling cum on my body.