Sunday, 30 March 2008

Online sex

One common complaint most of my male friends have is that they do not get contacted by female a lot when they have a profile on a dating or sex website.

As a female, on such websites, I get my fair share of messages sent to me every day. Weeding through the creepiness is what is complicated. And some creeps are more persistant than others..

I guess I already bored to death most of my friends with that story, so they will roll their eyes that I'm posting it here also. I actually won't be bothered to post the whole log up (mostly because I don't wanna translate it), but to make a long story short, I had a guy who I very politely rejected tracking me down last week.

Based on my nickname on that specific website, he tried every combination possible of that nick to find my msn address. Why do I know that? He was actually bragging about it. To sum it up: he wanted to fuck me and he didnt cared that I wasn't interrested in him.

I do recall that he even said : "so what that i'm much older than you? its just sex!". I wish the story would end with me blocking him on MSN, but alas it doesn't: one week after and he sent me a nasty insulting email.

So yeah... gentlemen, I wonder why the girls don't dare doing the first steps online?

Late at night

So my best friend bought me some nipple clamps. When I was mentionning this to an ex of mine, he suggested I tried them on the next time I was masturbating.

Which coincidently, was that very next evening. Long story short, I couldn't use the nipple clamps cause I fiddled too much with the tension on them, so I wasn't much in the mood to try every possible angles and tension settings until I find one to my liking: I wanted to get off asap!

Now, when I wanna cum very quick, there is usually one magical way to achieve this: something up my ass, fingers running my clit like crazy.

And I did. It was the back-arching-moaning-like-crazy type of orgasm too. The kind that leave you completely out of energy for a good 15 minutes after, until the buzzing of the vibrator against the bed annoys you so much you turn it off, put your toys away and go right to sleep.

One thing that crossed my mind, before I even got to that point, was how much of a dire need of a good old spanking I am. I was on all four on the bed, slowing removing my panties, who were sliding ever slowly off my butt when that thought spurred in my mind. My ass haven't been spanked hard for so long. I kinda crave that kind of sensation, your behind glowing red under the spanks of a strong hand, before a good fucking.

Tuesday, 25 March 2008


It's my belief that when I have an healthy sexual life, when I think of a particuliarly "hot" moment I experienced, my pussy will "pulse", to show me that these thoughts are arousing... and that I want more.

It is a very hot thing to experience also: reliving a nice sexy memory and feeling your body responding to it.

My latest one was quite obviously sunday's: i was being spooned and we were discussing another sexual encounter i had with another guy. I was describing how the guy came all over me: my boobs, my face, even in my hair. The guy who was spooning me at that moment hugged me closer, grabbed my tits and hissed in my ear : "like a cheap whore".

That probably got me more turned on than anything I've experienced recently.

Oh... it just pulsed again...

Tuesday, 18 March 2008


I used to have a detachable showerhead. I take my showers in the morning.

Nothing wakes you up more perfectly well than a delicious loud orgasm induced by the showerhead.... alas, it died so we had the landlord install a new, normal one...

I was shopping for a bathroom scale last week and I was in the showerhead aisle... it was almost as fun as being in the sex shop.

I need a new showerhead. :)

Monday, 17 March 2008

Sex toys: round 2

So, I'm quite happy I decided to give those new toys another go.

I'll be brief, but the following got me off like a freaking train: teasing my ass with the anal beads, while using the finger vibe on my clit. Inserting the geisha balls, teasing clit again, taking off the anal beads to replace them with another vibe I bought a few months ago.

The double vibration made me feel it all the way through my g spot. Quiiiite awesome.

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Sex toys

So during a little shopping spree with my best friend on Thursday, we stopped by the sex shop were I proceeded to spend 100$. I had to try on my toys that very night, and I must say I'm a tiny bit disappointed!

See, I mainly went in the sex shop cause I needed to replace my pocket rocket, who unfortunately broke recently. Funnily enough, I didn't bought a new one, I got distracted instead by a finger vibe (tiny silver bullet with a purple silicone sleeve), geisha balls (black and purple) as well as a purplish set of anal beads. (guesses what my favorite color is yet?)

At first, in the store, I thought the vibrations on the finger vibe was extremely powerful. But I made the mistake of using the lube sample they provided with the geisha balls: it numbed my girly parts a lot, so I wasn't able to enjoy direct clit stimulation as well as I usually do. So I was a bit annoyed by that.

Now the geisha balls... I'd really be curious to wear them while my ass is being fucked, or when I'm walking around all day, cause laying there in bed with them in me was only very fun is I masturbated (my numbed clit!), so it was a bit mild of an experience. But it's very a very fun work out for the pelvic muscles, I must admit, so I guess I can use it for that. :)

As for the anal beads... When I cummed I pulled on the string and I do admit it IS very good sensation.

So in conclusion, I need to experience with my new toys again soon, but WITHOUT that lube. It felt greasier than any lube I ever tried before too, and it wasn't a good sensation. I bet I'll enjoy my toys way more without it anyway :)

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Holding back

As we were preparing dinner, a very non-erotic activity in itself, he was constantly grinding against my ass, making me feel his thick, hard cock through our clothes. Then it struck me: why didn't we had sex right there, right then? Against the kitchen counter.

The reason, boys and girls, is this slut constantly holds back. And I wish I knew why. Cause man, it would have been awesome, fucking in the middle of the kitchen.

I guess with my most recent boyfriend, who we'll call A, we got into the habit of fucking in public so often that I kinda dig the comfort of a bed nowaday. But yet, I always fantasize about having sex elsewhere: in the shower, against the leather couch, on the computer chair, etc.

And for some reasons, lately, I'm holding back a lot on wilder stuff. It's funny cause I'm more comfortable in my sexuality, lifestyle and self than I ever was in my life.

I'll work on that, in time. But still... what would I have given to have a guy take over the situation and just fuck me, right there, in the middle of the kitchen...

Sunday, 9 March 2008


I found a cute little quote from Doroty Parker:

I like to have a martini,
Two at the very most.
After three I'm under the table,
after four I'm under my host.

Got me thinking of how wild and slutty I get when I'm drunk. Or how it used to turn me this way. I recently noticed that since I'm already wild and slutty in bed, as opposed to how I was before, alcool only makes me horny.

As in I'll-throw-you-on-the-bed-takes-off-your-pants-rip-off-your-boxers-and-will-ride-you-until-i-came-3-times type of horny.

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Not tonight honey, I have a headache.

That's what I feel like each time I wanna grab some of these wandering thoughts in my head and put them down on my blog. I must be texting myself 3 times a day with blogging ideas, yet, nothing ever gets done.

Tonight, I went shopping downtown with my best friend. We stopped at a café on Ste-Catherine. I couldn't help but smile when I remember it was the first place I started having public sex in Montréal, with my ex.

Funnily enough, earlier this week I texted myself "clog public sex". (So I made a typo while texting myself, sue me). Ooh the various place we would have oral, or complete sex.

Most of the time bathrooms, downtown. Thing of it next time you are shopping at the Eaton Center, eating some Dim Sum at the Chinatown's Holiday Inn or running to your class at McGill. ;)

There is something hot, yet slightly degrading, in having to perform sex in such a common place as a public bathroom. Perfect scenario of the D/s-ish relationship we had back then.

But that was no where near as hot as having sex at work. In the call center. Right after the last agents left for the night. And then again, that one got topped by the time I sucked him off, to completion, on the floor, while there was still people on the floor about 10 feet away from us (thank god for cubicles). And 3 seconds after he blew his load in my eager mouth, I went to assist an agent with their call...

That was quite hot. Fond memories I can never forget :)

Monday, 3 March 2008

What's this blog about?

This week end I had a small discussion, while driving from point A to point B in my friend's car, about the purpose of my blog. And what I wanna blog about, in general.

Most sex blogs I'm following has this in common: you can masturbate to them. They are often red-only porn: a word by word, second by second count of a specific sexual encounter.

I wish I could write that well. But then again, that is not what I wanna carry in my blog. If I wanted to write erotica, I'd write erotica. I used to. And that is no what I want/need to do.

I picked the name of this blog for a good reason. My mind tend to overanalyze things. Sex, love, relationships. Everything at all in fact. I can replay a conversation, or a sex session, in my head a thousand times, and analyze it under different angles.

So that's why I choose to blog. I wanna portrait some feelings I get during sex. Fucking is such an awesome experience. I can never get tired of that.