Thursday, 13 October 2011

The smell of success

Scientists have long known that smells are one of the best ways to evoke the past.

I concur.

First lube I ever got, at 17, was cherry scented

I used to have a canned air freshener that had the same smell, years later. Got me horny every. fucking. time.

I still remember this lover I had last year who had a very offensive smell. Seriously. Like sweat covered with cheap perfume. Thankfully this didn't last.

One of my ex was showering from head to toe with Dove products. I kinda get horny when using a bar of Dove now, thinking about the way his thick cock would always find a way to bury itself in my eager ass.

A former lover used to massage my entire body with Body Shop's Satsuma massage oil, especially my breasts, before making love to me for hours. I kid you not, just smelling this scent now gets me soaking wet.

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