Sunday, 27 April 2008

Cum hungry whore

How do you feel about cum? I absolutely adore cum. I want it on my tits, all over my face, sliding on my tongue, covering my tummy, spreaded on my asscheeks, leaking from my ass, oozing from my pussy...

It's a big turn on for me when the guy is letting you know he's about to cum, and more so when he's telling you "where" he's gonna cum.

It's insanely awesome for me when the guy is calling me a cum hungry whore when he's looking at me enjoying his cum.

It's very arousing for me to think about that, over and over again.

Sunday, 20 April 2008

First time...

The first time I masturbated... I dunno why, but it popped in my mind lately.

It was with a girl. My memory is a bit fuzzy, but I'm sure we were actually touching each other at some point. And kissing, definitely kissing.

For the purpose of making this story more hot (and legal!), we'll pretend those events didn't took place over 20 years ago.

She had all those weird scenarios, pretty BDSM-y. Off course, neither of us would learn about BDSM for the next decade, but when you think of those beginnings, it doesn't make it that strange that I'm into some rougher sports in bed nowadays.

I remember how hot it felt to be sexually stimulated while someone else is telling you, acting when possible, a very hot fantasy of dominance and submission. Of pain and pleasure...

And I love the reactions that doing the same thing now is bringing out of my lover. Fantasies of threesome, of naughtiness... I love how a man can moan in extasy while liberating his seed deep inside your ass because you are just making him that hot.

Saturday, 19 April 2008


You'd think a slut would not have issue with this point, but I actually do. Romance. Romantic stuff. I'm not saying I'm not a romantic at heart: I'm not saying I wouldn't love to have nice long deep sensual lovemaking in front of a fireplace, with slow soothing music playing in the background, looking in each others eyes. I'm just very jaded on this level: I met very seldom men in my life who would be worthy of entering my intimacy that way.

It's not a part of me that I share usually with my boyfriends, let alone my sex partners. I can really only think of one guy who I was extremely comfortable and happy to indulge in this more "vanilla" part of intimacy. We had some very nice moments :) Otherwise, I'm quite satisfied with some less intense "romance" on a more casual level.

I'm sure if I dig around the subject long enough, we'll find out a study has been made and this is a common trend among victims of childhood abuse: not wanting to embrace a high intimacy with someone and preferring to go straight for the fucking. Or something. I don't really care much.

I'm not allergic to intense romance, I just respect it that much that I don't wanna dilute it with doing that sort of things with the first guy I see. I'd rather just fuck him.

Monday, 14 April 2008


Not pwned. Owned. Being owned. Belonging to someone else: giving him free reign to do whatever he wants with you. Those are the basis of a D/s relationship (arguably).

But what if you really get off on some kinkier sex, yet do not want to get into a 24/7 D/s relationship again? It's hard to find someone to "play" with who will be deserving of your trust and respect enough for you to give yourself over to him, yet be able to completely dissociate that relationship from love.

At least, it is for me. Cause these kinky stuff is the kind of stuff I would not let a one night stand guy, or a part time fuck buddy do. I want to live them with someone I love and trust.

And it's hard... cause sometimes... I really wanna be owned again.

Sunday, 13 April 2008


Why is a blowjob suddenly 10 times other when he asks me if I like tasting myself on his cock, and how much better I'd like it if I was tasting another girl on it instead?

Why is being cummed on my face if simply erotic when he tells me he'd like to be the guy fucking me from behind while another one if the one cumming on my face?

Why is it I haven't had a threesome yet? Offers, through the past years, I turned down plenty of. I guess I'm a monogamous type of slut after all: I'm a one on one type of gal.

I had that fantasy for the longest time: sucking on a cock while being fucked on all fours. Or eating pussy, same position.

I'm still considering these options now.

Thursday, 10 April 2008


This isn't an invitation for one, this is actually a meditation on group sex, as a whole.

I never hid the fact I'm a bedroom kinda slut: I don't do poly parties, I don't go to swingers' clubs, I don't do orgies and I'm merely curious about 3somes.

It's just not my cup of tea. Off course, the idea of getting it on with a girl is making me wet my cute little panties this very moment, but I do believe that's the sort of fantasy that will never translate well in real life.

And it got me thinking, in general... what do people do in orgy? Just everyone finds a partner and fuck for 10 minutes and switch after a while, kinda like square dancing?

Do people tag team each others to keep the fun going and going for hours?

Do I really wanna know?

I would imagine the "hotness" of it all and sexual energy filling the place would make most guys cream their shorts in a few minutes. I mean, picture it... bodies, fucking, as far as the eye can see.

It's making me hot thinking about it. But I just don't see myself participating in one. :)

Thursday, 3 April 2008


So, did I mentionned I'm a squirter yet? May be once or twice. Well, Gusher Geeks rejoice, for this post will be all about that weird liquid coming out of my body when I'm entering pure nirvana.

Or something.

One of my ex was absolutely in love with that feature of mine. He would rub my clit very VERY hard and fast, often going as far as fisting me, until he was rewarded with my juicy orgasms. It was a real treat for him knowing he was making me cum that way.

Last night, I broke some sort of record on that aspect. Quite rarely do I cum that way during "normal" sex. That is penile penetration in the vagina. Man those words are unsexy... while someone's fucking my cunt like there's no tomorrow.

In fact, most girl do not cum from penetration alone, but that's an entire story differently.

So yeah, last night I left the cutest heart shaped squirt spot on my fuckfriend's bed. A few hours after, to avoid a repeat of the "wet spot", we had the brilliant idea of folding a blanket in half and putting it under me during sex. More like a thinnish comforter. Well fuck me, I soaked that pretty well and the bedsheet under was damp also. That single sex session is probably the most I ever squirted in my life. And I had masturbated twice (with lots of squirting) before in the day, plus the sex we had a few hours before...

Funnily enough, I masturbated earlier that day to make sure I had nothing else to squirt later that night when I'd be with him... guess I was wrong!