Monday, 30 June 2008

Dirty talk

I was looking at my stats and I got amused to see that the following keywords lead people to my blog:

i do ass to mouth
big cocks in my ass make me feel like a slut
fucking sleep slut

how to tease your boyfriend and make him cum
bdsm checklist
geisha balls bought

cum between buttcheeks
slut asleep
blog, boyfriend, cum on my face

How did YOU discovered my blog?

Sunday, 29 June 2008


Dirty bedroom olympics... I was looking at the awesome Zumanity artbook The Boyfriend gave me the other day and it got me thinking about sex positions. I have a lot of favorites: doggy is a good classic. Easy to be spanked in that position, entices hair pulling and dirty talk right in my ear while giving me a good pounding from behind. And an slip in the wrong one is so constantly on the verge of happening with my ass up in the air like that...

Other than that, there's that position I don't really have a name for, so I'll have to describe it to you. Picture good ol' missionary, but with only one of the girl's leg up, resting on the shoulder of the guy, and she is slightly resting on her side instant of her back. The Boyfriend and I had sex a couple times in that position last week and it was awesome: he could play with my clit while I was teasing my nipples. At one time he slipped a couple fingers in my wet cunt while fucking my ass, he could feel his large cock through that flesh wall. Hot.

I tend to go cowgirl, regular or reverse, when I'm incredibly horny and wanna lead things a little. With me, that position is great for boobs lovers because they are definitely getting a faceful of my boobs if I'm riding them.

Curious Slut wants to know: what's your favorite sexual positions? And most important, why?

Friday, 27 June 2008

Mood swings

Granted my libido is higher than the ones of the average woman, but it doesn't mean I wanna fuck twelve times a day either. Some days, yes, we can go at it 2 or 3 times, but that's not something I do seven days a week.

I do have days where I am simply not in the mood for sex. I could bore you here with monthly cycles, hormones and period explanation, but I won't.

Just cause I am not on the mood for fucking doesn't mean I don't think about sex at all.

Sometimes I do wish a nice back rub wouldnt rhyme with having a cock on my ass five minutes after.
Other time I mean it when I just wanna cuddle.

We all need a break from the things we enjoy once in a while to make sure we appreciate them even more when we have them.

Monday, 23 June 2008

BDSM check list

So, as he kindly reminded me through a comment on this very blog, here's a little list taken from the bdsm checklist of stuff i'd be into:

Age play (not pedophilia)
To some extend, the idea of calling a guy pounding you from behind "daddy" is hot.

Anal plugs
It goes up the butt, I'm all up for it.

Anal sex

I might have blogged once or twice about how hot it is when he has his hands around my neck. In fact right now my ass is still pulsing from the awesome orgasm that very thing gave me when he was fucking my ass earlier.

Being blindfolded
Definite turn on.

Being gagged

During throes of passion, a little biting never hurts... or it does, but that's what i like.

Bondage - light

Breast fucking
I love watching a cock pop in and out of my cleavage, more so if i suck on it while its fucking my boobs.

See asphyxion.

Cock worship
I love sucking and licking on a cock for hours.

A little fun thing to experiment.

Double penetration

Face slapping
It just turn me on and can even amplify an orgasm.

Fantasy gang rape
The idea of being treated like a little cheap whore by a bunch of guys taking advantage of me? brb, gotta change panties.

Fantasy rape

It was never a secret how much I think of him fisting me when I masturbate.

Following orders
A man dominant in bed is a man who will be very happy with me.

Forced masturbation
I love masturbating, but being FORCED to do so for someone's enjoyement would be awesome.

Given away
How incredibly hot it would be to have a man give me away to another one and demanding I please him.

Hair pulling
As the proverb says, if you are gonna ride my ass, you might as well pull my hair.

Humiliation in private
Whisper to my ear how much of a nasty slut I am when I take your big cock up my ass and how much you wanna cum in my mouth after my ass is done pleasing you...

Orgasm control
Making me cum only when the man wants to.

Orgasm denial
Being told not to cum will just make it mopre intense when it finally happens.

Phone sex
I love the idea of either leaving a dirty voicemail or to masturbate while you listen to me on the phone.

It's funny cause a bit more than 2 years ago, that idea alone would gross me out. Now i kinda get wet at the idea of licking your anus and balls.

It's so sensual yet naughty at the same time, a deliciously slap on the ass.

Cause it shouldn't be all about me ;)

I'd love for us to find a nice couple to swing with sometimes.

Triple penetration
See gangbang fantasy?

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Sex toy shopping under pressure...

...or how to make it in and out of a sex store with a vibrator and some lube in less than 10 minutes.

We were making it back to his place, we were previously in Laval, where we ate at a _very_fancy restaurant, and I was complaining about how I forget my sex toys at my appartment, which was completely accross town from his house. And it was late, thought not quite midnight yet, so I suggested we stopped at a sex shop and simply buy something: I really wanted to make him feel the vibes in my pussy while he fucks my ass, or the opposite.

I forgot to mention I was extremely drunk at that stage. Not that I need to be drunk to act like the naughty slut I am: but it just take off all inhibitions from my mind and I get complete freedom in my sluttiness. So buzzing sex toys I demanded and my ass fucked raw I needed.

We stopped by a sexshop on the way and the clerk made it very clear to us he has a long day and that the store was only open for barely 10 minutes: it closes at midnight. So we quickly located an inexpensive toy and picked up some lube (in case I ever feel like using that toy in his ass) ;)

I won't give a minute-by-minute recollection of the sex we had, but it was definitely very intense and satisfying. Thought having his cum filling all my ass was making me even hornier than when we started, I confessed to him that I usually wanna masturbate really bad when it was the case. He told me to simply do it and I happily obliged.

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Sleep fucking

A favorite of mine has to be morning sex. First-thing-in-the-morning-sex, too. As a friend of mine put it so elequently, there is something about the half awake state and the morning breath that is quite an experience in itself.

I love the feeling I get through my body during sex when I am half awake. And yesterday night, I got the confirmation I'm definitely some kind of dirty nympho. My boyfriend was kneeling on the bed, about at the height of where my head was, to close a window. Feeling his presence next to me, even thought I was asleep -in the light sleep part of my night- I started to feel him up, since his crotch was right next to my face.

He playfully complained by asking me what I was doing... the rest is a bit foggy, since I *was* indeed asleep, but I remember waking up suddenly a bit after because he shoved his thick cock ball deep in my pussy.

While we often have sex in the early morning, it was the first time I believe that he actually woke me up by fucking me... and I kinda started the encounter too... Quite the experience!

As I said, the whole thing is still a bit blurry in my memory, but I do remember begin him to fill my ass with his cum cause I wanted to feel it leaking from my tight anus all night. And he happily obliged.

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Juicy Pussy

It happenned a few mere moments before a team meeting today at work:  I wanted an orgasm.  I thought about stepping out and indulged myself in some masturbation in the ladies' room: but alast the meeting started just as I was grabbing my access card.

There are a couple decent looking guys at work, not counting my boss who I find deliciously hot.  I often fantasized about what he must be like in bed.  When the conversations at work turns into XXX territory and he peaks in to ask us teasingly what we are talking about, I blush like a schoolgirl.

My body still wanted that orgasm.  I could feel my nipples rubbing against the fabric of my bra and by slowly moving my hips I could tease my clit, very so lightly.  But I wanted a real orgasm, not just some light teasing.

Sadly for me I ended up being too busy to take care of this horny need until my boyfriend fucked me tonight.  It was hot how he was looking at me when I was sucking his cock and then asked me not to move while he positionned himself behind me to slide his thick hard cock in my wet eager pussy.  I loved how he made me cum, half standing half doggy, on the side of his bed.

We alternated a bit between my cunt and my mouth, I love tasting my slutty juices on a beautiful cock.  And then when he couldnt take it anymore, he covered my whole face with his cum.

I love being a dirty, dirty whore...

Monday, 16 June 2008


So the boyfriend actually complained yesterday that he doesn't get to cum on my face enough: my cum whore-iness is making me open my mouth when I see thick white cum splurting from his cock and start sucking it off.

I had to reply with: "Oh, baby, let's go home, fuck my ass and cum on my face after?".

It is ever so delicious the way his thick cock manage to make me feel so violated back there, even after hundred of sessions of anal sex. Each time it's like he's forcing his wide headed member in my tight little "virgin" asshole, it's always making me cringe for the first second or two, as my anus adjust to the girth of his rock hard hardon.

If either him or me talk during during it, i just lose it and start cumming endlessly. I usually cum at least 3 times during anal: while he fucks me, while he cums and after he's done, when I feel his slimy cum between my buttcheeks, teasing my abused anus. And that last orgasm can last several seconds.

But I'm torn, cause what usually turns me very on during anal sex is the idea he's gonna splatter his gooey white semen all over my face. The idea of being treated like a common street whore is extremely arrousing.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Eye candy

When I am about to masturbate, I usually pump my libido up by watching porn (nothing very unique there, is it?)

I always been a fan of for that purpose. It seems no matter what I'm in the mood to fantasize about, it's right, there, ready for me enjoy while I drop my panties and rub my little clit.

Quite predictably, I mainly enjoy clips of anal sex, even more so when there is spanking or hair pulling involved. I wish I could explain in details what turns me on about the idea of a man treating me like a worthless whore and forcing himself on me, while degrading me, but alas I am not sure I fully comprehend all the mechanics of that fantasy myself. But then again, it is quite delightful to watch on the screen.

And yesterday, while I was pinching my nipples and rubbing my clit hard, I was on the verge of squirting when I noticed that my pussy wanted to be filled, but not by merely a rock hard cock: I wanted to fill more full... I wanted a whole hand in there. I started cumming (and squirting) when I started to think about how wonderful it would be to be fisted right there, with the vibrator up my ass and my clit being abused very hard.

The kind of orgasm that leaves you shaking and moaning for a good 5 minutes after the fact. My kind of orgasm. ;)

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Best. Sex. Ever.

I'd lie if I say I didn't fucked men with a certain talent in bed, before my current boyfriend. I sorta got lucky in that sense that most of the guys I've fucked made sure I was enjoying myself tremendously before they allowed themselves to cover my face with cum.

I also believe we all lie a little when we told our lover that he's the best sex we ever had: we feel that way cause the intensity of the orgasm we just had sure is making all the others we had months, years, decades ago fade away.

But I also firmly believe I had the best sex of my life yesterday afternoon. Naughty dirty sweaty awesome sex. I wish I didn't cum like a freaking train each time the head of his cock rubs, accidently, on my anus, but I do: so imagine what anal sex is like for me. Now imagine what it's like when my nipples and clit are stimulated at the same time, and I'm being fingered on top of that. Could feel his fingers inside me feeling his cock in my ass.

I still pulse very madly when I think of it. Heck I had to masturbate twice last night cause that sex made me very hot and bothered all evening.