Thursday, 29 September 2011


i noticed i had a picture of my naked breast on my desktop. so i wanted to move it to a folder so someone on the train doesnt look over my shoulder and see it
the train bumped as i was moving it with the trackpad
effectively mimicking a double clicking option
so by wanting to shield my naked breast from the eyes of a sneaky person
i ended up making it screenwide for the whole train to see

so this is my fail of today. hows your morning so far?

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Hotel sex is the best sex.

Visiting my hometown later this week.

As you may know, I haven't had sex in a year. I'm mostly staying with friend and family, but I booked an hotel room for Friday/Saturday night. I absolutely intend to have enough sex to make me forget I didn't had sex for a while.

Going to be legen.... wait for it....

Pheromones and random guys

As much as it's flattering, I am always a bit cautious of strangers hitting on me in public places. Or guys hitting on me at all.

And unfortunately for me, I have the pheromones of a roman love goddess lately. On my way to the dentist earlier this week, no less than 3 guys confused my terror for "come over and tell me how beautiful I am and try to get my phone number". It's even more disturbing when it's a cab drive, as I end up feeling trapped on top of everything else.

I usually don't make a negative observation without offering an alternative way to achieve your goals, but I am quite stumped on this one. I guess what I hate is they shower you with compliments then just stand there.... it looks like they're expecting me to offer my phone number.

The compliments I prefer getting from strangers are the short and sweet ones. Like a driveby feel good. "Just wanted to tell you, you are very pretty. Your eyes are so big and blue, and your smile brighten up a room. Have a nice day." and then leave.

Friday, 23 September 2011

The sweet smell of sex.

Right now, after my 5th orgasm, I'd say salty honey would describe the smell of my cunt nicely.

It's hovering in the room, a telltale sign of "yup, a girl got down and dirty in here". An arousing scent.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Benny Hill and Puppies

I was renting out this cottage for a few months, while I was figuring things out. He came over to hang out one week end and we were fucking a lot.

At least we were trying. The bedroom had no door and my 4 months old puppy was very curious as to what we were doing. Ensue a typical weird expression on the guy's face... "your dog is licking my balls"...

I get hysterical easily when I laugh. All the following scene was missing was the themesong from Benny Hill: an husky guy running around the room trying to catch a bouncy puppy to put him away.

Whatever he ended up doing, I remember the end of that scene: I was licking the tip of his cock for cum frantically for cum while he was making me squirt with his mouth.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Lunch break

He came home on his lunch break. And ate me out for an entire 45 minutes. How horny do you think I was when he came back home at night? I sucked him off dry, him standing against the entry door. Barely let him close it behind him.

Thursday, 15 September 2011


my pussy
smells like lotion
i think i masturbate
too much

Sunday, 11 September 2011

My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

Guys, in bed, always seem to be avenging themselves for something bad done to them in the past. The way they hate fuck me, when I left them do it, makes me believe that I kicked their puppy at some point.

Or it's the frustration of all those girls who turned them down, who didn't suck their cocks, who didn't want anal. The girlfriend at home who yelled at them for watching porn, for wanting to cum in her mouth.

I think we live in a society where we don't allow the men to be men anymore. They have to bend over backward to please the female and that creates resentment.

May be I'm old fashioned, but deep down I'd love to be a 50s housewife, waiting for my husband by the door, ready to take off his shoes and hat and hand him a refreshing beverage as soon as he gets home. Then give him the blowjob of a lifetime, just because he works hard and deserves it.


"God help you if you stop", he said.

"I am leaving now but when I come back, you better still be touching yourself. I don't care if you're tired, whiny bitch. I want you to keep fucking your cunt with your fingers, toys, what-have-you until I come back and not a moment less", he had started with.

And that's (part of) the story of why my pussy lips are feeling sore today. How was your saturday night?

Thursday, 8 September 2011


My 30th year on this planet brought a lot of changes in my life. I move hundred of kilometers away from home, so I found myself in a new city. Far from the comfort of routine surroundings, friends ands family.

Coincidently, I decided to give in to experiences I always denied myself. Mostly smoking weed.

What a glorious experience that was. I still remember my first orgasm while high. It felt like I was cumming for hours, completely disconnected from time and space. I absolutely will transfer this solo experience to an actual fucking while high as I am sure I will be fond of it.

I forgot how you feel about being called daddy ?

That's always a curse when you are chatting this guy up and suddenly you don't fucking remember WHO he is.

In bed.

You know him, his name, the name of his wife, even down to her favorite place for vacations, for fuck sake! Yet, you have this awkward moment trying to remember... Does he do the daddy thing or no?

Not that it's a requisite for me to call my lovers daddy. I am probably the girl on earth with the less daddy issues ever. No one was more beautiful or smart in my father's eyes then myself.

But that's not the point of this.

I need to know what my mate is all about. It's fun when I'm satisfied, but I like using dirty talk that works for the 2 of us. And how can I ask that question without sounding like the world`s bigger whore? Yeah sorry, I fucked so many guys since I last talked to you I don't remember...

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Sex Nine One One

So I pulled a muscle in my calf. From tensing up too much during my 4th or 5th orgasm of the night on Sunday. It's embarassing in itself. But more funny then anything.

Got me thinking about the various sex injuries I subjected myself to over the years. One memorable one was when I was a few months shy of 19 years old. Picture a slimer me with perkier boobs if that doesn't give you a nosebleed.

So I was fucking my then-boyfriend on his waterbed. I'll really have to describe the position as well as I can here, because it's a fairly weird thing to picture. He was standing up on it (bad idea in itself, but when you're young and horny this is far from the stupidest thing you'd do).

Or maybe it's quite simple, I was doing the bridge. As I said he was standing up, so I had my legs around his waist and my hands on the mattress, boobs facing up. Whatever prompted us to fuck that way I will never remember, but thinking back he would often fuck me in this position. Regardless, the problem came quickly, as you can imagine, with the stability of the surface and the heavyness of my breasts.

Almost broke my damn neck. Seriously injuried it enough we had to go to the hospital and I officially had a wryneck for a few days.

Yup, we both came.

Baby I'm ready to go....

Yup. So I didn't blogged for almost a year. I actually didn't get laid in a year. Why? Who cares why whores don't get fucked.

I moved. So far away from home. Not that I didn't had a hundred opportunities and a half to get some. I thought I'd do this. The reverse of a slutty challenge. No sex. One year.

Masturbation doesn't count. Neither does phone sex. I was just challenging, not punishing myself.

I'm probably be dead if I couldn't have any release.

So here is my confession. I am broken. I always was, but the years made it worse. And my year of celibacy thought me... That I am a whore. And I am broken. Always was, always will be. More zen and wise with the years. But one truth remains.

I am a whore. I will never settle down. And I will never be faithful.

Sucks to be the one who loves me and wants so much to be with me right now. I warned him. He wouldn't listen.

Should rename this blog Cuckold Heaven.

You're strange, insane, one thing you can never change

Monday, 5 September 2011

Juicy Fruit

I wish I had a rational explanation for this. It will be confusing to my readers to even attempt to follow up the crazy strings of events.

I am being romanced by a very nice boy who wants the same things I want out of life. And sexually we click. A lot. But he's absolutely not turned on by the idea of me being on my knees sucking another cock while he watches and comments on my whorish ways.

Actually... He has no idea about this blog. He knows about my past sexual life: he doesn't think me a virgin or anything. But, as the song goes... Scotty doesn't know...

And lately we had a weird thing going on. Especially tonight. We had awesome phone sex. Mindblowing orgasm I had. Then someone poked me on skype.

I wish I had a rational explanation for this. I said this already. And I truly do. But I watched that other guy jerk off while saying dirty things to me. I came 3 times with him.

I am hopeless.

Also, welcome back.

Twisted lyrics.

I just have my own version of some Nine Inch Nails lyrics in my head right now. I am not even yet in a relationship and I am already cheating on him.

Oh my beautiful liar
I am your secret whore.
Its a diseased, an infection.
I am. So impure.

I should not let you use me up that much. I like it too much. Its not good.