Saturday, 27 September 2008

Dear Penthouse...

Dear Penthouse...

Little did I knew, last night when I got to bed, that my boyfriend and my best friend would be scheming together a little surprise for me.

I do believe I was half asleep when they came to join me in my boyfriend's comfy bed, topped with no less than 6 pillows. His bed feels like it belong in an erotic harem. I was pleasantly awaken by their hands touching my naked body, mouths, tongues and fingers everywhere, slowly, nicely. In such not quite awake state, you have no idea whose hands are were and it's the most amazing feeling.

He was able, without much resistance, to slide his hard cock in my wet and eager pussy. I was indeed already dripping at this point. I loved how he was pounding into me while he was fingering her, and at the same time she was kissing me. He made me taste her pussy juice on his fingers while he was making me cum and it was simply delightful.

The best part was probably when he was alternating between her pussy and mine. Everything in his body language was telling me that he was working hard at holding back: no wonder with such an highly sensual experience.

I just had to feel his cum in me, so I arched my back on the mattress while he was pounding me from behind and I was making out with her. I begged him to fill me with his yummy semen, all while fondling my friend's beautiful heavy breasts. He, as usual, happily released his seed in my hungry cunt.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Juicy Pussy

Just cause it's catchy... ;)

I guess I'm starting off with an inside joke here... It would be rude not to share with you. See, Sunday, in bed, my boyfriend took my hand and guided it in the thong of J. I can't remember when I last touched a pussy, but it was definitely decades ago.

Funnily enough, my first impression was uber surprise: what the HELL is that? I guess I'm more used to touch guys parts. After a second or two, you realize it's just like your own equipment, but you don't get the sensation that comes with the touching. See, when I rubbed my clit a certain way, or when I carress my outer labia that other way, I get certain feelings. Now, it was a bit like shooting in the dark. Quite interresting!

Then the rest is a bit blurry, but I do vividly remember how hot it was to see my boyfriend, guide his cock even!, fuck another girl in front of me. Even more so when, while he took her from behind, she urges me to kiss her and we start to make out and fondle our boobs. Yup, that one definitely pushed him over the edge.

Now Im very curious to see if he could fuck BOTH of us at the same time...

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Threesome and creme brulee

Threesome and creme brulee... confidences sur l'oreiller...

I always wondered how it would be, how it would feel...

So soft, her skin tender and white, so ample yet perky, her breasts, so erotic and wet, her kiss. So hot, watching her going on him, watching him finger us both at the same time, watching her watching us fucking, rubbing his cum on her soft breasts and licking it after.

Indeed, threesome and creme brulee. One of the best times I ever had.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Sex and toys.

How often do you use sex toys, in your solo or duo pleasure?

As for me/us, quite rarely!

The problem with being a slut like I am, is that I gush like a fountain entirely too easily. Which also translates in my clit becoming over sensitive after just a little while. Once in a while, I want a little fantasy, or turn my boyfriend on, so I'll use a dildo on my cunt.

Other time, I feel naughty and I use toys on him. It's so hot the way anal beads make their way slowly in his tight ass.

And sometimes, when I'm extra horny, it's all out baby: silver bullet on my clit, gspot finder in my cooch and full buzzer vibrator up my ass.

Did I mention anything about squirting like a fountain?

Tuesday, 2 September 2008


I guess women tend to be more attracted to sensuality than their masculine counterpart. Still, it's nice to find a man who loves to cuddle as much as I do.

While a big portion of sexuality is obviously the actual coitus, I am definitely turned on by a gentle touch, a light kiss on the back of my hand, a little nibble on the soft spot on my neck, a nice carress on my hip... I get goosebumps quite easily and my pussy gets wet just as easily.

And sharing all that with The Boyfriend and a common female friend in a delightful afternoon is innocently naughty. Much more erotic in my mind than an actual threesome would be.