Friday, 30 July 2010


I only ever met one guy who could spank me until I cried cause it hurted very much.

Some guys are using their belt and I'm moaning, but not much more.

I'm a weak person, especially when it comes to upper body strenght, but I always have trouble conceiving that a guy cannot spank me on the verge of tears on his own.

I adore having sex with a Dominant guy who is into spanking a nice big firm ass. Watch his handprints turn bright red on my fair pale skin. Watch me cringe the next day when I sit on a rough surface, cause he knows I'm in pain because of him.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Ask and you shall receive

Well... my "dry spell" is over.

Many would argue that I did not have a dry spell at all, but the way I see it, you can end up in bed with 20 people if you want, if they do not penetrate you, it's not real sex.

Bill Clinton would be so proud.

Anyhow, I was eager to find a compatible partner to go over my month and a half dry spell. And boy, did I get a treat.

I'll break the heart of a few people by admitting he is a reader too, but I'm willing to deal with the whining.

It just felt RIGHT. A few moments after seeing him for the first time, first date Sunday night at his place to boot, I knew I wanted him deep, deep inside me.

The feeling was mutual as I left his place the next day at around 1 PM monday and we fucked 5 times.

Five. Times.

I'm not saying I never had crazy sex marathon before. I'm just saying being roughly fucked fives times on a first date after a little dry spell was like heaven on earth to me! Panting, squirting, spanking orgasms.

I went back for second (technically 6th & 7th) last night and left this morning after one more good deep fuck. For good luck.

I'm sore and under-rested.

Life's great.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Shiny New Australia

I had no freaking idea the night would end this way. Even in my wildest dreams.

I invited myself over one of my friend's last night. He was bored downtown and I was bored at home. Why don't we have dinner at his new place? Hopped on a cab and away I went!

Making food, getting a tour of the new place and getting drunk, way drunk. A dear girlfriend of mine happens to have moved recently in his area, and I meant to introduce them for the longest time. Tonight seemed like the perfect time!

Well... food was nice, booze was a plenty and the air was super warm, so we decided to all hide in the only room with AC, the bedroom.

Long story short... there is absolutely nothing sexier than a naked plus size woman's body in the moonlight. With her in the bed with me, I felt like the luckiest girl in the world.

Oh I'm sure my friend had a blast too, at one point he was eating her out while fingering me, too roughly, too intensely.

It's funny how I act in bed with girls: there is no play of dominance and submission at all. It's an all explore fest where I'm more than happy to dive in and lick her delicious flower while slowly fingering it. She was oh so tight and her moans where so soft and delicious.

I've come to wonder lately if I was truly bi or if I just didn't mind when a girl was in bed with me and another guy. Well, for all I cared tonight the guy could have got up and go out, I was having my girl on girl moment :)

Though he did had his 15 minutes of fame when we decided to blow him both at the same time. There is something about 2 mouths on the same cock at once that drives guys wild...

Sunday, 11 July 2010

How NOT to win me over.

I've had a number of unpleasant exchanges recently with an handfuls of applicants.

Cause that's how my friends decided to name the guys I'm chatting with. :)

So applicants. I'd say 90% of them have no idea how to talk to a woman. This is sad enough on it's own. But most importantly, they are confusing slutty with easy and dominance with lack of respect.

Ever heard of the princess by day, slut by night phenomenon? That's were I'm at.

I certainly have no desire to invite you in my bedroom at 3 am when I don't know you so you can slap me around and fuck me in to ass. Geez. There are steps to every relationships, even if it's a casual one, and coming in my bedroom in the middle of the night is one you can only get AFTER a good dozen other steps are taken!

I don't do one night stand. I'm a woman living alone so there's no fucking way I'm letting strangers in my appartment.

And ever if we appears compatible sexually, I still need substance. There gotta be a spark, a connection. I have an amazing sense of humour, I want a man who makes me laugh, as well as making me cum. If you freak me out over MSN, don't be surprised when I block you. If you act creepy during our first date, don't be surprised when it's the last one. When you are a real jerk on the phone, don't be surprised I suddenly remember this important other thing I had to do.

Saturday, 10 July 2010

The guys I'm (not) seeing

Well, my pool of partners evaporated under the scorching sun it seems.

I'm left with a handful of guys with whom I fool around but don't fuck. Went on a few unsuccessful dates in the past weeks, and the one stable fuckbuddy I had is letting me go in favor of the girl we had 3somes with.

At least I have plenty of eager phone sex buddies, two new ones this week :)

But fooling around and touching myself is nice, but I'm still looking for that one special cock to rock my world.

Or you know, 2-3. I like sharing.

Friday, 2 July 2010

Phonesex II

I felt cheap: no updates for a week and then a weak post you can't jack off to.

I'm surprised I didn't had a "dirty talk" tag before.

You know what really gets me going? Dirty talk.

May be that's why I love phone sex so much. Sharing dirty little secrets and fantasies and touching yourself the way you want to be touched why you hear those naughty things.

I cum very hard when I'm called a whore, a slut, a worthless cunt... most guys don't have the balls to be rough and take charge the way I'd want them to do in bed, but with buffer of the phone and their imagination, suddenly I'm being thrown on the bed, savagely molested and raped until I cry for mercy.

You know, the way I really want to be fucked.

The men in my life...

I have a couple of guys right now with whom I'm involved, on different levels.

I've realized tonight that they each answer a different need I need to have in a relationship.

So while I do not actually love anyone right now, I feel complete because pretty much all my needs are covered.

Asides from, you know, actual fucking :P

I shall get to that shortly.