Tuesday, 22 June 2010

This isn't a post

It's more of a collection of random sentences with very little things in common.

I ended up in bed with a friend 2 nights ago. For the second time. He's so deep in the friend zone, yet we do sleep together. No actual sex though. I do enjoy having him in my mouth and licking his cum off his stomach. I'm unable to orgasm with him. My weird female brain decided it's because he's in the friend zone.

Cab drivers are always nice with me, but lately they've been flirty. I do have this "fuck me" vibe to myself lately. I'll be honest, if yesterday's cab driver would have made a move, I would have given him my number.

My apartment is a mess. It's not nasty, it's just messy. Very messy. I have a semi-heart attack each time I come in my living room. I need to organize my life better than this, I'm actually not taking boys home because I'm ashamed of my apartment.

My work ethics are going out the window lately. I'm not pleased about this. Then again I'm fed up with work. I should do something before I end up jobless. How is that relevant to my sex blog? Sometimes I'm so tired after a crazy wild nights that I sleep through the next day instead of working. I keep joking that I should become a whore. Well... perhaps this will become a necessity if I keep this up!


SP4M: said...

Bah, si le gars est un peu pompette et toi aussi, le bordel de l'appart semble souvent passer innaper├žu ;)

Lusty Badger said...

Summer is for either being outside or having crazy sex in every area of your apartment. Messisness will either take care of itself or wait until autumn. Oh, and if you hate your job, leave - it worked wonders for me.

Jean-Olivier Gagnon said...

A comment in 4 parts:

As long as you enjoy yourself with your friend, isn't it all that counts? It's a shame though but we can't help our feelings right?

Nice! If he read that I'm sure he'd feel like he missed something. :)

In the middle of a move myself: I completely understand where you come from girl!

Certain events in one's life will make them loose track of important things. If your job is barely hanging by a good fuck: then I say fuck it. Look for something else. It's a pretty clear sign your in the wrong place.