Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Spirits for the spirit

Nothing like a drunken night out to lift up your spirit.

While I did not, in fact, picked up a stranger and brought him home, I still managed to get absolutely awesome mind blowing sex until 3 AM. The little hours of sleep one gets after sex & booze and before getting up for work are so... surreal. I love it.

My pussy is sore. Beyond sore. "Used up" is the term that comes to mind, from his fist and cock and mouth. I do not think I'll be ABLE to have sex for a couple of days. And the few pokes of his cock in my ass were so delicious I was squirting instantly.

The way is cock rubs against my pussy before we fuck, teasing, titillating... it's so terribly erotic I have pulses in my cunt thinking about it right now.

That and how stingy my right buttcheek feels.

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Jean-Olivier Gagnon said...

I don't usually simply post like this but: man that's hot. My kind of evening. Thanks for the mental images :)