Tuesday, 8 June 2010

An unexpected turn of events

I totally and willingly sabotaged something I had going on with a guy this week end.

Why? Cause I fell in love with him and I hated the way he was treating me.

"Shit or get off the pot" is a favorite expression of mine.

Apparently he decided he'd rather get off the pot!

Why can't men be honest and just say "I don't love you, I just want to fuck you once in a while. I don't want to hang out with you and be your friend, I just want to come over and fuck you whenever I feel like it." I could deal with that better than how things turned out!

One day I'll be smart enough to get involved with someone who know what he wants and won't stutter trying to explain it, contradicting himself every other words.

Fucking sucks though cause the sex was GREAT. Asides from the actual fucking... that was just...strange.


Anonymous said...

just find a man that stands tall and talk full sentences. a man that just wants it and wants it only.
this is a mad mad world. women and men buckle under pressure when it involves sex or anything out of the norm. well this is the norm! sex is part of our lives and it should be embraced!

Anonymous said...

Maybe men lie so much because of woman. We don't look for the same thing: woman is looking for love and sparkle. Man is looking for sex. It's a game

So we lie: no I'm not married, I'm looking for love not sex... if i don't lie you don't even look at me and i end up been the naive one on the side.

The worst is that woman lie to themselves. But I'm sure you don't want to go there...

Philoslut said...

So you're saying it's okay to lie and pretend you are not married and looking for love, when you are married and only looking for sex?

And men wonder why women don't trust them... wow.

Manylle♀ said...

L'enfer ce sentiment là!

Jean-Olivier Gagnon said...

I must admit that I do see the appeal of the lie. Simple, easy and you end up in control. Not to mention that failure ends in hurting someone you didn't truly care about. Appealing... for a coward.

I myself have a few partners I simply fuck. It's clear. It's said. It's fun. The ones I want to pursue, I simply say "let's see how far this goes" and we see.

I can never truly enjoy intercourse if I have lies on my conscience anyways. Guys out there, try going at it fully honest. Sounds crazy but honesty actually does make sex better. At least it did for me.

Philoslut said...

Everything he got from me, he didn't needed to lie to get it. I gave it willingly.

Well asides from what I gave him the last night we were together. That was out of love. For fuck's sake I was saying " I love you " loud and clear while we were making love.

Yup, making love! The last guy I made love with was my boyfriend at the time. I don't make love, I fuck.

A piece of me will hate him forever for making me do that.

mellowbonkers said...

The problem with honesty is it can turn a guy into a better catch... Sure, in the beginning, he can just fuck with respect, but as time goes by, the intimacy starts to lie. Fuck friends become mismatched couples.

It's never pleasant to be even at the unrequited end of love, but it's likely to happen if, as a guy, empty fucks are not your thing and you enjoy the connection, even with someone you don't want to commit to.

Jean-Olivier Gagnon said...

What you added sounded very familiar.

I was casually dating a girl a little while ago. I found out she had been insincere and I broke up with her.

I saw her a few weeks later (we were still on speaking terms) and I was feeling down. She said she knew why. We ended up in bed and it ended when she used those words... "i love you".

She insisted that I loved her too and that is why I was feeling down. I disagreed. She asked me why we got in bed and I told her it was because I felt like a good fuck and it was always fun with her.

I never lied to her. It ended when I found out what was happening. I know I hurt her greatly though because she truly believed I still loved her.

I really didn't want to hurt anyone... Talking for "that guy" you spent the night with: I'm sorry.