Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Male to go, hold the feelings

I wish I could order a guy, like men can order escorts.

I have a very specific list of things that I like/need/want. Used in different combo, this creates interresting lovers.

I need a man who is with me, sexually, because he likes plump woman, he enjoys my curves and my big... talents.

I need a man who is insatiable. I am horny all the time, I need someone who is prepared to deal with that.

I need a man who is smart. Diploma or not. Well read. I do not cum when I'm pounded by a construction worker who has no idea who Freud is.

I need a tall man. While I do have a preference for very big tall guys, I just honestly need the guy to be taller than me and that's it. Even only by an inch. I'm done with the short-guy complex. People, embrace who you are! Play the hand you're dealt, even if you have to bluff to make it through the day.

I need a husky man who wears glasses. I'm obviously very flexible on this point, but this is a... can you really call it a fetish? Pretty much...

I need a guy who's his own person. He lives alone, drives his own car, has a job. I'm tired of boys living in their mothers' basements.

I need a dominant man. That is more important than it ever was before. I enjoy all sort of sex, but I only truly get off when I'm being used.

I need a guy who doesn't want to put up with my shit and is strong enough to tell me to shut the fuck up, to stop pouting and stop being so goddamn lazy. I want to look up to him, to get inspired to be a better person, to hold myself to a higher standard.

And I need to get GREAT sex. Stat.


Grantastic said...

Order a guy? Well women can order escorts too, whether or not that's legal in Quebec. :)

Philoslut said...

You totally missed the point of my post.

SP4M: said...

How tall should he be ? Out of curiosity that's all.

And Freud, isn't he the one who sand "Pump up the jam" in the nineties ?

Hehe just kidding :P

Philoslut said...

Well I'm somewhere between 5'7" and 5'8" so anything over 5'8" is fair game :P

Aaaaand I hate you for putting this song in my head...

SP4M: said...

Hate is such a strong word... maybe I just need to be punished then mouhehe

Shadow said...

Ah, 6' tall geek for the win! Knew my kind was liked by someone out there!!

Still, people-on-demand, god what a dream. Would make things a tad too easy of course, but it's so hard to find people nowadays. Though choice!

And dear god that song is a blast from the past... how I can go to sleep now *sigh*

Philoslut said...

Finding people isn't hard at all.

It's finding quality people that is hard.

Jean-Olivier Gagnon said...

I think the "male-to-go" thing is there but the truth is people are afraid of true "on-demand" service. For a night? Fine. Hook up with a friend-of-a-friend for a one night stand. To actually meet, talk, have sex and see where this goes? Girls in particular are terrified.

Go on any of them and pose as a guy, you'll se what I mean. They post naked pictures and claim to be looking for a hot night. Then they expect endless chatter on MSN and hesitate to meet.

You want to meet people and try things out? Keep this post up. Use as an add. I bet a lot of guys like me fit that bill (you're not that difficult) and would gladly give it a go and meet. Give it a try ;-)

HotChicken said...

If a chick-à-la-carte service would exist, I would order mine like that :
● plump
● red head
● big-breasted
● cum-thirsty
● funny
● horny

I follow your blog with a reasonable amount of bitterness.
With each of your posts, I get more frustrated to have not got the chance to know you when I was single.