Saturday, 5 June 2010

Look honey, ho hands!

I was having a light discussion with a friend on the subject of cuckolding and threesomes.

Some people are insanely turned on at the sight of their mate getting it on with someone else. Others get mad, jealous, angry at this scene.

So it translates into 3somes as well: if you don't get turned on by your lover having sex with someone else, you might not like having them bumping uglies in the bed next to you.

As for me, I stop loving my mate when we are having a 3some. Not forever. Takes a day or two to recover. It's probably a defense mechanism to avoid feeling hurt and allowing me to enjoy the experience.

I always found it funny how I can fall in and out of love rapidly. Very quickly.


SP4M: said...

Quand j'étais en couple, on parlait d'avoir un trip à trois un moment donné. Je me suis toujours demandé comment j'aurais réagis dans une situation comme celle-ci. Sérieusement, j'ai aucune idée comment ça se passerait.

Philoslut said...

Deux gars ou deux filles?

Ca t'aurais potentiellement dérangé d'avoir une fille jouer avec ta blonde?

SP4M: said...
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Philoslut said...

LOL on se censure?

Jean-Olivier Gagnon said...

I experimented once with a girlfriend back in the day. For years, if I wanted to feel great emotional hurt, I simply had to close my eyes and picture the other guy's dick in my girlfriend's mouth. It just isn't for me... with someone I'm emotional with.

I've also had a threesome with 2 buddies (girls) of mine and it was a blast. Cumming, laughter and high-fives when inappropriate. Seriously fun.

Know yourself and if you go through that regression phase after a threesome.... well you might be in the same boat I am. You like the idea and the situation. Simply not with a loved one.