Wednesday, 16 June 2010


Last month, I was having issues with too much play hindering my work.I woke up a couple of times in another bed than mine, and way too often in my own bed with someone else next to me.

This month it's the total opposite. My work is making me cancel dates. Some very promising ones I had lots of hopes for. Not romantic hopes, off course, just some interesting sexual vibes I was getting from the guys.

So I do some massive amounts of self-love in the meanwhile. I'm so horny this week that it doesn't take me much to squirt like a fountain when I do so.

Any good porn you want to share?


Anonymous said...

can't go wrong with the mush! ... mushroomtube that is!

Philoslut said...

Thanks, I didnt know that one!

Anonymous said...

don't forget the hamster! ... but i'm sure you know that one!

:P said...
(mainly for the bit that starts around 26min)
(Because it's not over after 5 mins)

Jean-Olivier Gagnon said...

Gotta take the time to enjoy yourself... and not only by yourself! Try or They served me well ;)

SP4M: said...

Ah porn ! What would we do without it ?

L'PĂ©nis: We could actually go and fish the real thing instead... tssss