Monday, 3 March 2008

What's this blog about?

This week end I had a small discussion, while driving from point A to point B in my friend's car, about the purpose of my blog. And what I wanna blog about, in general.

Most sex blogs I'm following has this in common: you can masturbate to them. They are often red-only porn: a word by word, second by second count of a specific sexual encounter.

I wish I could write that well. But then again, that is not what I wanna carry in my blog. If I wanted to write erotica, I'd write erotica. I used to. And that is no what I want/need to do.

I picked the name of this blog for a good reason. My mind tend to overanalyze things. Sex, love, relationships. Everything at all in fact. I can replay a conversation, or a sex session, in my head a thousand times, and analyze it under different angles.

So that's why I choose to blog. I wanna portrait some feelings I get during sex. Fucking is such an awesome experience. I can never get tired of that.

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CuriousD said...

I find the way you express yourself to be both a turn on sexually and intellectually stimulating. An explosive combination.