Sunday, 30 March 2008

Online sex

One common complaint most of my male friends have is that they do not get contacted by female a lot when they have a profile on a dating or sex website.

As a female, on such websites, I get my fair share of messages sent to me every day. Weeding through the creepiness is what is complicated. And some creeps are more persistant than others..

I guess I already bored to death most of my friends with that story, so they will roll their eyes that I'm posting it here also. I actually won't be bothered to post the whole log up (mostly because I don't wanna translate it), but to make a long story short, I had a guy who I very politely rejected tracking me down last week.

Based on my nickname on that specific website, he tried every combination possible of that nick to find my msn address. Why do I know that? He was actually bragging about it. To sum it up: he wanted to fuck me and he didnt cared that I wasn't interrested in him.

I do recall that he even said : "so what that i'm much older than you? its just sex!". I wish the story would end with me blocking him on MSN, but alas it doesn't: one week after and he sent me a nasty insulting email.

So yeah... gentlemen, I wonder why the girls don't dare doing the first steps online?

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