Thursday, 6 March 2008

Not tonight honey, I have a headache.

That's what I feel like each time I wanna grab some of these wandering thoughts in my head and put them down on my blog. I must be texting myself 3 times a day with blogging ideas, yet, nothing ever gets done.

Tonight, I went shopping downtown with my best friend. We stopped at a café on Ste-Catherine. I couldn't help but smile when I remember it was the first place I started having public sex in Montréal, with my ex.

Funnily enough, earlier this week I texted myself "clog public sex". (So I made a typo while texting myself, sue me). Ooh the various place we would have oral, or complete sex.

Most of the time bathrooms, downtown. Thing of it next time you are shopping at the Eaton Center, eating some Dim Sum at the Chinatown's Holiday Inn or running to your class at McGill. ;)

There is something hot, yet slightly degrading, in having to perform sex in such a common place as a public bathroom. Perfect scenario of the D/s-ish relationship we had back then.

But that was no where near as hot as having sex at work. In the call center. Right after the last agents left for the night. And then again, that one got topped by the time I sucked him off, to completion, on the floor, while there was still people on the floor about 10 feet away from us (thank god for cubicles). And 3 seconds after he blew his load in my eager mouth, I went to assist an agent with their call...

That was quite hot. Fond memories I can never forget :)

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BZero said...

Wow. I miss sex at work. I can no longer risk my job like that, but luckily there's a parking garage next door for quickies in the stairwell...