Sunday, 30 March 2008

Late at night

So my best friend bought me some nipple clamps. When I was mentionning this to an ex of mine, he suggested I tried them on the next time I was masturbating.

Which coincidently, was that very next evening. Long story short, I couldn't use the nipple clamps cause I fiddled too much with the tension on them, so I wasn't much in the mood to try every possible angles and tension settings until I find one to my liking: I wanted to get off asap!

Now, when I wanna cum very quick, there is usually one magical way to achieve this: something up my ass, fingers running my clit like crazy.

And I did. It was the back-arching-moaning-like-crazy type of orgasm too. The kind that leave you completely out of energy for a good 15 minutes after, until the buzzing of the vibrator against the bed annoys you so much you turn it off, put your toys away and go right to sleep.

One thing that crossed my mind, before I even got to that point, was how much of a dire need of a good old spanking I am. I was on all four on the bed, slowing removing my panties, who were sliding ever slowly off my butt when that thought spurred in my mind. My ass haven't been spanked hard for so long. I kinda crave that kind of sensation, your behind glowing red under the spanks of a strong hand, before a good fucking.

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