Tuesday, 25 March 2008


It's my belief that when I have an healthy sexual life, when I think of a particuliarly "hot" moment I experienced, my pussy will "pulse", to show me that these thoughts are arousing... and that I want more.

It is a very hot thing to experience also: reliving a nice sexy memory and feeling your body responding to it.

My latest one was quite obviously sunday's: i was being spooned and we were discussing another sexual encounter i had with another guy. I was describing how the guy came all over me: my boobs, my face, even in my hair. The guy who was spooning me at that moment hugged me closer, grabbed my tits and hissed in my ear : "like a cheap whore".

That probably got me more turned on than anything I've experienced recently.

Oh... it just pulsed again...

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Anonymous said...

I am doing all I can to affirm that I am a slut. Reading your blog just encourages me more to do so. Lately, within the last month all I can do is think about touching myself an playing with my slit (which I do EVERYTIME the thoughts arise). I am wearing a ball gag so I can get used to having something in my mouth and even associating that as a 'dick' so i can enjoy the feel. I love how you and I have lots of things in common. I hope to read more new posts soon.