Sunday, 16 March 2008

Sex toys

So during a little shopping spree with my best friend on Thursday, we stopped by the sex shop were I proceeded to spend 100$. I had to try on my toys that very night, and I must say I'm a tiny bit disappointed!

See, I mainly went in the sex shop cause I needed to replace my pocket rocket, who unfortunately broke recently. Funnily enough, I didn't bought a new one, I got distracted instead by a finger vibe (tiny silver bullet with a purple silicone sleeve), geisha balls (black and purple) as well as a purplish set of anal beads. (guesses what my favorite color is yet?)

At first, in the store, I thought the vibrations on the finger vibe was extremely powerful. But I made the mistake of using the lube sample they provided with the geisha balls: it numbed my girly parts a lot, so I wasn't able to enjoy direct clit stimulation as well as I usually do. So I was a bit annoyed by that.

Now the geisha balls... I'd really be curious to wear them while my ass is being fucked, or when I'm walking around all day, cause laying there in bed with them in me was only very fun is I masturbated (my numbed clit!), so it was a bit mild of an experience. But it's very a very fun work out for the pelvic muscles, I must admit, so I guess I can use it for that. :)

As for the anal beads... When I cummed I pulled on the string and I do admit it IS very good sensation.

So in conclusion, I need to experience with my new toys again soon, but WITHOUT that lube. It felt greasier than any lube I ever tried before too, and it wasn't a good sensation. I bet I'll enjoy my toys way more without it anyway :)


Phylicia said...

Well written article.

CuriousD said...

I'm reading your blog from the very beginning, enjoying the journey, It's posts like this that I want to know what happens next... I wonder if you will follow up on the experiences with these toys!