Tuesday, 29 December 2009


It's a (belated) Christmas miracle!

My blog is back!

What happenned, you all asked. Well, Google has robots surfing the interwebs and those robots also surf Blogger.com (which belongs to Google). They help the interwebs get rid of the scum, so they delete spam blogs.

I got flagged as a spam blog. It's called a false positive. It was a long tedious process getting the blog back, and I'm considering moving it elsewhere, but at least it's back.

Ooh I have so many things to blog about...


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! I just discovered your blog and you are one sick individual. I love it, keep blogging I'll keep reading but for now I will go back in time through your previous blogs. Oh and thank you for that vicious redtube clip, I'm more of pornhub guy but that was a nice one.


Arken said...

I got here before they flagged you off Craigslist, phew. Good to know there are still genuine, true-blue sluts around, especially in my own city. You've got a bf, but has that ever stopped a real slut? ;)

Anonymous said...


Philoslut said...

Not that you should see this as any sort of invitation, but I've actually been single for a couple of months now.

Arken said...

I feel horny, teased, and frisky, not necessarily in that order.

the said...

A holiday treat!
Instant bonerfication.
what's this about craigslist?

Anonymous said...

welcome back !!!
happy to read your adventures again.