Saturday, 5 December 2009

Face slap & spanks

There's something extremely arrousing about being manhandled, I never hid my preferences in that matter.

I only ever been with one guy who wasn't afraid to be extremely rough in bed; he would slap and spank and bite and pull at whim.

It's not necessarly the type of things you want to do with a one night stand either. My sexuality is like a flower that blooms when it's being nurtured in a relationship setting: either a casual or a serious one. I just don't see myself doing this with a stranger: plus, wouldn't the guy who do that to random girls be a bit weird?

I miss having my ass spanked, raw, and my face slap, forcefully.

Yup, they are turning me on.

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STT said...

Like was said in Reservoir Dogs...keep talking to me like a bitch and I'm gonna slap you like a bitch. Question is...would you hit back? ;-)