Wednesday, 9 December 2009

The boy got no game

No seriously. I get contacted by AT LEAST 15 guys, on a slow day.

Out of the lot, only ONE guy will have a decent chance at getting my attention.

Wanna talk numbers? That means less than 7% of the guy who contact me have a chance to get a reply. Roughly 75% of the men I will reply to will prove themselves to be jerks and/or losers.

And my advice to men is: you have no game. Learn to communicate.

When you contact an awesome girl, you know she is interresting. Also, she knows that you know she is interresting. Your goal is now to make her think you are interresting too.

It's painfully obviously when you are sending a "longish" message that is just a copy and paste of the same message you must have sent 100 girls before me. "Hi, your profile is funny and interresting, I would love to know more about you." Really, am I supposed to feel special here? Tell me WHAT you liked about my profile and WHICH part was funny. Add a little personnal anecdote or two. That will get my attention.

I won't even cover the "hi sexy wanna talk on msn and see how it goes" because I wonder if the guys sending those messages are ever going to leave their mother's basement; they don't deserve tips & tricks.

Speaking of MSN, there is the annoying conversation that goes like this:
"how are you"
"I'm fine, thanks for asking"
"So what do you wanna talk about"

If you ever get laid and the conversation started like that, please contact me, I need to know how you turned it around!

We'll finish off with my personnal pet peeve: the beggar. He's easy to spot because he will overuse the expression and "why not??". I seem to be getting a lot of those lately, probably because I am way too polite and do reply to all messages I get, even if it's to nicely turn down someone.

Don't get me wrong, I know rejection is not fun. But sometimes, you definitely deserved it.


Anonymous said...

Hola Philoslut..
loved reading your blog...
Very str8 up and intriguing....
Mature fit fun PhiloDom here
Id love to know more...


Firebird30 said...

Hello Philoslut, I do enjoy your blogs i'm going to start writing mine soon, not sexual, and i'm hoping you read mine as much as i am a fan of yours.

I've hoped to chat with you on Ok Cupid too in hopes of meeting you and having dinner, so i hope we can talk