Wednesday, 30 December 2009

The taste of cum

It's not a secret that most women won't swallow. Or want to get cum on their face. Or let that sweet love juice run down their breasts and play with it for a while.

I love cum. I love doing all those things. So when I'm going down on a guy and I know his taste his good, even yummy sometimes, I do ask him where he wants to cum. Does he wants me to swallow it all, like a greedy little slut, want to paint my face like a whore canvas with it, cover my ample boobs with the stuff?

One of my exes had a real nectar coming out of his schlong. He always said it was for his insane fondness of green apple and iced tea, which is was indulging in many times a day. And so was I, in some way... What a nice oral sex summer it was.

Cum, it's my slutty reward! I enjoy it very much.

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