Saturday, 5 December 2009


Sometimes, when I touch myself, I let my fantasies run wild.

Yesterday, I was rubbing my clit hard, spreading my cunt juices all around my pussy and pinching my nipples while thinking about girl on girl. More specifically, a girl eating me out while I'd be doing exactly what I was doing.

I'm not a huge fan of receiving cunnilingus. Gentlemen, I'll shatter your self confidence by admitting that very few of you are talented in this domain. And it's an activity that is best performed by somebody who is VERY gifted in pussy eating, otherwise I'm just annoyed with it.

My most recent ex never eaten me out. At all. And I was quite satisfied with his manhood that I never ever missed it. The guy I was very serious before that was eating me out often, but he wasn't very good at it, so, boredom.

There's a guy I was involved with for a few years, he was half decent and that was quite enjoyable. But about 10 years ago, I brieftly dated a guy who was an absolute KING, a wizard of the tongue, a paladdin of the clit... let's call him Q.

Q is probably the reason the bar is set so high for cunnilingus nowadays; he was absolutely terrific at it. I remember this one time, he came home from school for lunch... and spent 45 minutes eating me out. Yes. It was so wonderful I can only be disappointed when I'm with another man now and he's eating me out. Thank you Q for ruining cunnilingus forever for me.

So back on the girl eating me out: I have the biased opinion that a girl would probably be good at pussy eating and it's making me very hot to think about it while I'm masturbating.

But my mind is shifting again and now I'm the one eating her out... I moan in my pillow, loudly, hoping not to wake the roommates up.

I'd love to eat a sweet juicy pussy, with the girl spread eagle in front of me and while my mouth is running wild on her cunt, grabbing and gropping her soft and warm breasts, hearing her moaning her pleasure loudly. Oh if I could get fucked in the ass from behind at the same time, that'd just be delish.

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