Saturday, 5 December 2009


I went out with some girlfriends last night, typical girl's night out. Drinks, food, fun, sex talk.

I was talking about one of my favorite position. Also about what I would do if I coulnd't have sex for a month. I recall my exact words where : "no pussy sex? thank god I have an ass!".

Anyway, we were discussing how I need new sex toys and it got me thinking, about how wonderful it'd be to be ass-fucked while a vibrator would be buzzing in my cunt at full speed.

That's what gives me the biggest orgams usually, anal combined with some sort of vaginale or clitoridial pleasure. I'm one of the few girls I know who actually cums from normal penetration sex, but when you combine different version of it, it's terribly pleasurable.

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Fantasia Lillith said...

All three is best! anal, vaginal and clit ... Oh that's IT right
t h e r e .....mmmmm.