Thursday, 3 April 2008


So, did I mentionned I'm a squirter yet? May be once or twice. Well, Gusher Geeks rejoice, for this post will be all about that weird liquid coming out of my body when I'm entering pure nirvana.

Or something.

One of my ex was absolutely in love with that feature of mine. He would rub my clit very VERY hard and fast, often going as far as fisting me, until he was rewarded with my juicy orgasms. It was a real treat for him knowing he was making me cum that way.

Last night, I broke some sort of record on that aspect. Quite rarely do I cum that way during "normal" sex. That is penile penetration in the vagina. Man those words are unsexy... while someone's fucking my cunt like there's no tomorrow.

In fact, most girl do not cum from penetration alone, but that's an entire story differently.

So yeah, last night I left the cutest heart shaped squirt spot on my fuckfriend's bed. A few hours after, to avoid a repeat of the "wet spot", we had the brilliant idea of folding a blanket in half and putting it under me during sex. More like a thinnish comforter. Well fuck me, I soaked that pretty well and the bedsheet under was damp also. That single sex session is probably the most I ever squirted in my life. And I had masturbated twice (with lots of squirting) before in the day, plus the sex we had a few hours before...

Funnily enough, I masturbated earlier that day to make sure I had nothing else to squirt later that night when I'd be with him... guess I was wrong!

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J Mc said...

There is nothing hotter than a woman who squirts. I absolutely love making a woman squirt while eating her pussy. The feeling of her juices covering my face gets me as hard as a rock.