Sunday, 20 April 2008

First time...

The first time I masturbated... I dunno why, but it popped in my mind lately.

It was with a girl. My memory is a bit fuzzy, but I'm sure we were actually touching each other at some point. And kissing, definitely kissing.

For the purpose of making this story more hot (and legal!), we'll pretend those events didn't took place over 20 years ago.

She had all those weird scenarios, pretty BDSM-y. Off course, neither of us would learn about BDSM for the next decade, but when you think of those beginnings, it doesn't make it that strange that I'm into some rougher sports in bed nowadays.

I remember how hot it felt to be sexually stimulated while someone else is telling you, acting when possible, a very hot fantasy of dominance and submission. Of pain and pleasure...

And I love the reactions that doing the same thing now is bringing out of my lover. Fantasies of threesome, of naughtiness... I love how a man can moan in extasy while liberating his seed deep inside your ass because you are just making him that hot.

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