Saturday, 19 April 2008


You'd think a slut would not have issue with this point, but I actually do. Romance. Romantic stuff. I'm not saying I'm not a romantic at heart: I'm not saying I wouldn't love to have nice long deep sensual lovemaking in front of a fireplace, with slow soothing music playing in the background, looking in each others eyes. I'm just very jaded on this level: I met very seldom men in my life who would be worthy of entering my intimacy that way.

It's not a part of me that I share usually with my boyfriends, let alone my sex partners. I can really only think of one guy who I was extremely comfortable and happy to indulge in this more "vanilla" part of intimacy. We had some very nice moments :) Otherwise, I'm quite satisfied with some less intense "romance" on a more casual level.

I'm sure if I dig around the subject long enough, we'll find out a study has been made and this is a common trend among victims of childhood abuse: not wanting to embrace a high intimacy with someone and preferring to go straight for the fucking. Or something. I don't really care much.

I'm not allergic to intense romance, I just respect it that much that I don't wanna dilute it with doing that sort of things with the first guy I see. I'd rather just fuck him.

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Rackoczi said...

Even for me, romantic sex is much more emotionally threatening than rough sex. Romantic sex is a door to our most fragile self. In a way, you tend to let your guard down during romantic sex whilst during kinky rough sex you tend to assume a role. That's how I see it for me !