Tuesday, 27 April 2010

When dates go well.

I love when first dates go well.

Good conversation, good food, good drink... and that look. That look that shows he's into you and would love nothing more than to be into you.

The music gets too loud and it's almost 2 am so you suggest we get someone "more quiet". You leave your favorite pub on Ste-Catherine with him, get in his car and drive to a motel.

Sex with a new guy can be awkward and strange, but this time it really felt like sleeping with an old boyfriend. The body heat was just perfect and his embrace was very manly.

He reacted well and quickly to my mouth on him and rewarded me with his seed after a few minutes. That's when the fun really started.

I remember that night like a scrambled porn movie on cable: skin on skin, a breast, heavy breathing. When I close my eyes I feel his fingers being busy on my clit and going faster and faster as my moanings get louder and louder, until I reward him with a few squirtful orgasms. Over and over.

It must have been 6 am when we finally catched some sleep. Only to start after an hour and a half of eyerest.

Feeling him entering me from behind was terribly delicious.

So much that we had phone sex later the following night to discuss how much further we'd like to take this experience we had.

I got myself a new pillowbuddy! Two found, one more to go!

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