Wednesday, 7 April 2010

On sex toy shopping...

Spring always give me a boost.

I want a hair cut, I want a new lover, I want new clothes.... but more importantly, I want new toys.

I'm too predictable in bed. Ass and clit, ass and clit. It's not even a challenge to make me cum.

I'd like something that buzz differently, that moves in a new way, that makes me tingle in a different fashion.

Same thing with my current lover. I still want him... but I'd like something new also.

Another 3some may be?


majik said...

nooooo... just me! I'd be new!! pick me! pick me! ;)

I'd like the challenge of making you cum without touching either (ass or clit)... challenge me, I dare you. 8)

Anonymous said...

you should try the WEVIBE it you havent try yet!

Philoslut said...

I'd rather not.

My mother just bought it.

I couldn't get off: a picture of her would pop in my head and I'd puke on the floor.