Thursday, 22 April 2010

An interresting 24 hours

I hope I'll have time to cover every tags I've picked for this post, cause I'm already late, way late for work.

It started with a txt message on my BlackBerry from an old fuck buddy who works close to my place.

HIM: "I want a deep blow job".
ME: "Would you prefer I swallow or let you cover my face with your seed?"
HIM: "Swallow, Remind you how tasty I am."
ME: "My cunt is pulsing, congratulations".

A couple of hours later, I hear knocks on my door. I had just taken a shower and blow dry my air at this point. I threw on the first thing I could grab, since I was naked. I was surprised to see him since you have to ring my appartment number before being granted access to the building. He followed someone inside.

I lead him to the bedroom immediately and drop his pants. I was half disappointed that he was completely soft at this point. But took barely a moment for him to be hard under my touch and kisses.

Barely 2 minutes in, he received a phone call. Now there is something always fun about giving head to a guy while he's on the phone: you can see his mind going from the conversation to the action happenning lower. And the penis respond accordingly. Doesn't go quite soft, but definitely less "sturdy".

So since it was work related, he was on the phone for a good 5 minutes, while I was polishing his pole with my mouth and hand, slightly tweaking his nipple with the other one.

Mmm late for work. I'll have to come back to tell you more about yesterday!

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