Monday, 4 January 2010

Behind, the scene

I couldn't help to notice last night, while I was soaking my bed sheets with my slutty cunt juices, that I love thinking about anal sex while I masturbate.

Especially when I have a sex toy buzzing away like crazy on my clit, making my pussy gush up like a very ripe fruit.

I lay there on my bed, completely exhausted after a very powerful orgasm, followed by a half dozen "aftermaths". It kept pulsing for a long time after that and my cunt still hurts this morning.

How many more orgasms I could have if my ass was being fucked roughly at the same time?

I fully indeed to find out tonight... I have a date :)


Anonymous said...

You should try, or maybe you did already, those like like tampax that have a vibrator integraded for both holes.
Great for the office and other public working area ;)

Say that in japanese toy shop.


Anonymous said...

SO, you confess do you? You ASS Slut, who told you that you can Masterbate, sticking filthy buttplugs up inside your ASSHOLE,and switching it on so it gets your cunt all wet, and when did you shave that filthy wet pussy hole? From a fan. your bumlover.xx