Monday, 4 January 2010

My ass is still sore

When I haven't had sex in a while, and am on a date with somebody I really click with, I tend to skip the movie and go straight to bed.

Or in this case, we had sex when he came to pick me up and we never made it to the restaurant or the movies, we ordered Chinese and had desserts as soon as I hanged up the phone.

Quick, rough, sticky dirty sex. I loved the feeling of his cock in my mouth and told him so, while he spun me on all fours and he tried to fuck me in this position. Took a few seconds to find the right angle for my freshly shaven lips to part and reveal my eager cunt. He didn't wait anymore and shove the whole length of his member deep in my pussy, making me gasp.

Masturbation is one thing, but the feeling of this thick, warm cock stretching my pussy wide open was way more satisfying then all the hours of lonely pleasure I had in the past couple of weeks.

Just thinking now, about the way his body was laying on top of mine, grabbing my shoulders to trust even deeper, slowly putting his hands around my neck, muffling my moans while creating a very juicy reaction down in my pussy, I'm starting to get goosebumps.

It didn't took him long to move to my ass. I can't remember if I was begging him to, but I sure wanted it very much.

Took a few minutes for my anus to open up enough to accommodate his thick member. I was playing with my clit slowly at the same time, feeling him forcing my tight hole back there.

When he finally got in, forcefully shoving deep in me, I gasped again and I started to squirt a little. He fucked me slowly, than went harder faster and stronger, until we both moaned loudly in ecstasy, and collapsed next to each other, trying to catch our breath.

I hope we can repeat this later this week, and who knows, may be we'll make it to the movies!


STT said...

"When I haven't had sex in a while"

I find it hard to believe that a little cum slut like yourself does not have a a harem of men waiting patiently for their call to come over and abuse your tight little ass.

Philoslut said...

I do. Doesn't mean I like bad sex.

STT said...

Willing participants does not a harem make. xx

Adam said...

I know you've said this before that you don't date Blog readers but Damn I wish you did, Your always the one making me horny :P

Anonymous said...

I'm sure many wish the same, Adam, but focused and single tracked like she is about rough sex and anal, I'm starting to wonder what's really hiding under that nick...

eric said...


I just read your blog, and quite like it, not only sensual, but fun to read. So I thought, seeing your obsession with cum, maybe I should share some of my own insights on your swallowing blog: A girl once told me that vegetarian's cum tastes better than that of heavy meat eaters, especially certain fruits improve the taste. And from my personal experience I have to say that girls who eat very little meat have a much tastier pussy and generally smell better all over.

BTW, I eat very little meat myself :)